Tuesday, December 13, 2005

So Finally!!

After a lot of deliberation and a world of unretraceable thought, i finally have a blog of my own!!! YE YE.. Dont know why iam super excited.Its just that when nothing is happening, you should just make things happen. And look at me now. Iam dyslexic.I could never get the funda of blogging.I mean, why would anyone want to write stuff about themselves and their lives and hope for people to read their crap and on top of that give their ever so valuable comments?? How jobless! Not really.

I dont know about others but for me blogging is like trying a new flavour of ice cream!! Now i really dont know how it is connected but like i said (oh actually i dint)this blog is gonna be extremely weird, considering the person who is writing it. And for all dimwits, that person is me.. In other words, iam short and cho chweet!! Short for others (i really dont think iam short, iam not that tall!) but i do think iam really sweet,cute,pretty,smart,awesome, out-of-the-world et al. Modesty sucks. Seriously. And iam also dyslexic as you would have figured out by now. so thats it for now. I need to undyslexify myself and then... there i go again!! oh ya! let me tell you about my 'life is like that' thingy. Actually i tried a whole lot of Helen looking (means beautiful, just coined it, told you i was talented) words and phrases, to my utter dismay and for the benefit of my poor memory it dint work. Kya kare? Life is like that!!

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