Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Disgusting. Utterly irritating and extremely frustrating. Not very positive sounding words you might think, I agree. Just that the men in my life and otherwise have been behaving like morons, lately. I always thought girls were a complicated lot and boys were comparitively easier to deal with, which is why for most part of my life, I was found playing, laughing, singing, dancing, crying, jumping,howling shouting and every other -ing with them.

After a certain point you just lose it. One of my friends' ex mailed her and asked her to send some of her poems to him so that he can please the present love of his extremely 'precious' life...
What kind of inane insensitivity is this? I mean dont they think before opening their mouth? Anything goes, right? How long will she be taken for granted? Poor girl cried her lungs out for some dash who cares a damn..

Our beloved college (mis) management comes up with innovative ideas to test our patience. They told us to shoot for an ad which we are all not very happy about, nevertheless we obliged. Here is where we had a close encounter of the nth kind with an A grade idiot ( my abusive vocab will not suffice for what I wanna convey) The cameraman, this weird looking half inch dog, took close ups of some of us for the sake of his personal entertainment!

Closer home, the man we thought was an angel turned out to be..well never mind! The reach of the web is too wide for me to talk about this explicitly. I shall just say 'inappropriate behaviour' and put a full stop. Who do you trust? I have no clue.

Some guy who I thought was my best friend, left at a time when I had no one, after something I thought was wonderful. Vague I know, but now thats the way it is , an unclear misty part in my brain, wherever memory is said to reside. Am I to blame? Is he? Or the omnipresent excuse that is fate?!

Last but not the least, one of my very close friends said something that hurt me to an extent I probably will never be able to put in words. More than hurt what I felt was extreme anger, the one fit like fury when all you wanna do is slap the person sitting next to you! Fortunately for my friends they were not around and therefore did not see me in a trance like state!

Am I over reacting? maybe he dint intend to cause damage of this sort,.. why should I defend him? Iam in a way defending myself.. The question is, where do we go from here? Forget it and move on? Like everything else? Let it linger and lose another friend? Doesn even sound worthwhile.. I read somewhere 'dont let a small fight ruin a great friendship' .. Has he not forgiven? What am I to do?

Man-kind? I dont think so. Time to rephrase....

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kya mujhe pyar hai!!

'Music is the food of life', Shakespeare uncle said once. And its so bloody true. Well, now it goes without saying that I love music.. A song should be melodious to the ear and soothe that small little tiny thingie on the left side of your body. The heart.

Every song brings with it an experience, taking you to a different world, away from deadlines, nagging people, loveless lives. A place in some corner of the world( the world aint round when you are in song mode!!) where you are all alone but it seems like there are many 'yous'! if you get what I mean, it is an immensely complicated situation to explain. You just have to be there to feel it.. pretty close to heaven. It doesn necessarily have to be beethoven's symphony or Mozart's something to give you the AHA effect!

Kabhie Kabhie... I can listen to Kabhi Kabhie all the time! Kinda oxymoronish, but this one is subtle( he he), extremely romantic for a pathetic-kill joy-non romantic person like me.. to top it, its a Bachchan song, and the man's voice is mind-blowing.. Mukesh just adds to the flavour..
And last but not the least, I taught this one to one of my very close friends and he sang it brilliantly.. What say dost?!

Kuch Na Kaho... Iske baare mein kya kahe? RD Burman's last epitome of resonance. The lyrics just pull you inside a small cocoon where all you wanna do is mute yourself...

When you say nothing at all..reminds me of Christ College and all those wonderful people, who understood even before I opened my 'little' mouth, that always desired a mazza!!

Aaj Phir jeene ki tamanna hai.... Beautiful song, beautiful lady, Waheeda Rehman and Lata Mangeshkar-deadly combination. The fact that you wish to live but intend to die both at the same time, only goes to show how haapy you are and content with everything around, its about this moment! The NOW...

Ye jo des hai tera... Cried when I heard it the first time, brain-drain sucks, Rehaman rocks and thats evident in the song. This guy baffles me. He is made for patriotic songs, his raw voice does it for me.

Come to think of it, Ae mere vatan ke logo is another exemplary piece. Kehte hai na rongte khade ho jaate hai. I heard it when I was in the third standard, in the assembly, this bhaiya sang in the most amazing voice ever, and I cried.

Ehsaan tera hoga mujh par.... I wonder what better vocation Mohd. Rafi would have chosen for himself. Just let me stay, just let me be, just let me say that iam in love with you! so lovely, dont you think? I just have to say its beautiful, no synonym for the word will do justice.. On the personal front, this song is for the first and the last 'Boss' in my life...

It's the time to disco... This one just makes me happy! Everytime I listen to it, I just wanna dance no matter where I am.. Memories!!!!

Main Aisa kyun hu.. Created history in the New Indian Express, when one of the interns, ear phones drumming next to the ear drum, sang it so loudly that the head office in Delhi would have heard it! No marks for guessing who this hardly working intern was! Yours truly...

Kya mujhe pyar hai..??? karke tho arse ho gaya! hmmm.. For those who are in love, reaffirms the joy of existing in that strata, for single people, makes you want to be in love, again and again and again... The ultimate!! Current favourite, this song and the singer just sweep me off my feet and all I wanna do is fall! tu meri khwabo mein, jawabo mein sawalo mein...Kudos to the dude who wrote it...

Well, this post comes with the advent of my dearest friend, the i pod! I sleep with it at night so you know the meaning 'dearest' here! reference to the context!! The point is, what makes these songs amazing are the lyrics and the memories associated with each one..Lots more to go.. till then keep singing, people will tell you to shut up, sing even more loudly, they are just jealous of your talent!!! You are a natural.. enjoy!! ;)

To be continued....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


RULE # 1

No Gods, No Stars

No Icons.....

I Pray, I Believe

I M Inspired.....

Just By My 'SELF'


Courtesy Ree's jacket tag.. She gave it to me coz she got reminded of me when she read it..
Thanks Ree..

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