Thursday, January 26, 2006

My dil goes hmm....

Stub on his chin, shirt tucked in, smile on his lips and life in his eyes... and boy! I stop, stand and stare.. oblivious of everyone and everything around me. My eyes search him, my feet freeze. Time stops.. He opens his mouth to say something, not to me, to someone else and for that moment i wanna be that person and every other person he talks to.. Its amazing how life can be a bitch at times. when something is right in front of you, you cant see it, when it vanishes, thats when you realise what you have lost.. how incredibly irritating would that be??
He holds my hand, i lose myself. He looks at me and i think God! if looks could kill i would be six feet under!! Love a? No da. Its just a phase that iam going through! Wink

Love is not a red rose, candle light dinner, a long walk on the beach side early in the morning( are you kidding me, who the f will get up so early?) its not a saga of oh! iam yours and you are mine, body, mind and soul! ( boring boring..)

Love is when you are blabbering your ass off, without a care in the world about the listener's tolerance level, when every stupid song you listen to suddenly makes sense ( those stupid rap numbers and remixes included).. when all you want from him is to call your name and say " take care of my books".. my heart hops, skips and jumps everytime he says "you look nice"..
Aiyo! i love him.. He shoots a sexy basket. i clap till my hands go blood red( more often than not its an oh-finally-he-managed-to-get-that-one clap) He turns, smiles and winks!! my dil goes hmmmm...... and i do a la la la la

but there is a flip side.. i tell him you are awesome he says, this love has taken its toll on me, you said goodbye too many times before.. Guilty as charged i stand. head down but heart full.
yes iam mad.. If love isnt madness, it aint love!! profound thought.. not mine of course, iam too pre occupied with you know what duh!!

Its so cool to just be happy and float in this feeling and wish for it to last forever.. he he ya right, aur koi kaam nahi hai kya?? trust me thats how it is. like a see saw, up once and down again! Life is a game after all, isnt it!?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Rahul!!

I love this guy. i really do. He turns 33 today. phew!! The first time i saw him play was in 1996, i remember, i was small ( like i am big now!) and pretty ( goes without saying) that cover drive with the full face of the bat! four runs and i was waiting to see the dude, cursing the cameramen who never show what i wanna see but just the repeated highlights of the ball going to the boundary! now tats door darshan for you in star sports!! And finally that tiny head (with loads of grey matter, mind you) and an extremely well groomed, decent looking lad, who had i-am-nothing-but-a-nice-guy written all over the Wall... and there i go!! i wouldn call it a crush and make it sound like just one of my numerous drool episodes, this was the ultimate.. i love it jus love it, when we beat the English in their own backyard, still chanting, Simon go back!!
Trust me nothing gives me a high, than watching those who ruled over us for 200 f ing years, lose in their own game!! and he scores a century on debut.

I can go on and on about him and never stop ever. but its not only love, but also respect. I did not fall for him because he was or rather is 'cute' but because he has extraordinary patience and exemplary talent and most importantly a firm head on his shoulders. you might say what about sachin tendulkar?? i like him too, have always, will always, considering he plays with the heaviest bat in the world and manages to create and break records in a span of a blinking second is a feat in itself. his shots are handsome and he is humble to the core.

But this post is dedicated to the man who stuck to the book, literally!! never losing hope ever. dropped out of the one day team, who is the captain now??!! howzzat??!!

Happy Birthday Rahul! For the world you might be the Wall, but for me YOU ROCK!!

Say Cheeeeese!!!

Click!! And there goes our Snap!! should i call myself over ambitious or simply outta my mind?? SNAP test man!! why cant they just let us get into Symbi? i know choti choti aankhein aur bade bade sapne.. forty da forty. che sharam aani chahiye. Armed with a pen which i rhought was mightier than the sword and my unprepared little brain, i went with all the guts in the world to write a national exam and not to mention the undeniable hope to clear it! what the... f was i thinking??

you know what, i used to always hate my snaps when they used to get 'developed' (atleast somewhere) now i know why!! pun intended.. i wanna get into symbi!!
never mind.. i should have just listened to my bro when he said just get married!!!
ya right! send me a snap of the dude first and see what negative markin i give! bloody!!
You dont have to be in Symbiosis Institute Of mass communication to be able to give Negative marks. screw you screw you. wish i could tell the people ibn symbi what they have lost!!!
but winners never quit and quiterrs never win!! someday the world will see in the newspaper, my SNAP!!! wait and watch! ha

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