Saturday, December 23, 2006


The reason for this post is evident from the title.. But it is even more important at this point of time as amma turns another year young! (She just told me to switch off the TV, by the way)

So, aaj se kaafi saal pehle, inka janam hua tha aur inke kaaran hamara.. Unnecessary, but Iam too self centered.. But what to do, she gave the world what it needed at the right time.. Modesty aint my cup of tea.. I digress..

At the break of dawn, she wakes up and makes tea, without sugar these days, and drinks. if you thought you would get some pati vrata types, you are terribly mistaken..Appa thankfully understands. She is someone who every other person looks up to, age no bar. She is like the friend,philosopher,guide for those who have lost their way..

Our sir in college once asked us to write five lines about mother. My first line was "she cooks yummy food", welcome to a PG student's communication theory notebook. Well, she does cook like herself! which is comparison. Now that I live in a hostel, I miss her dosas big time, crisp,roasted..heaven served in a platter.

My second line was " She buys me clothes".. Nope, I hate shopping. But whenever I run outta the 'appropriate' clothes for a girl, she decides for a wardrobe malfunction! But the point is, we like the same things, so no fighting in front of the salesman..

My third line read " She is beautiful" .. That she is. where do you think I got it from, Fair and Lovely? I feel good when ppl say I look like her, actually I dont.. Men still drool when we go out to eat, not at the food of course! Very photogenic I must add. She is beautiful inside as well. VERY.....

My fourth line went something like " She sings like a nightingale" ..You should listen to Baabuji dheere chalna.. If your jaw doesnt touch the floor and your eyes remain wide open instead of going into semi meditation, I will renounce the world..Thats what she is all about. When she sings you will forget Worldspace. I mean it.

My fifth line was " She loves to work" ..always on her toes, running around with her tiny feet, she has reached places where ppl can only imagine or dream of.. She is an achiever. Someone who took everything in her stride and never let us feel like we did not have things others had. Material or otherwise. Very strong woman, an idol of sorts..

I wrote those five lines, while the rest of the class wrote stuff like, 'I miss her', 'she takes care of me', 'I can say anything to her', 'she is like my friend'...etc etc...
I wondered, I feel the same things but why could I never write, let alone tell her that I love her??

Maybe because she is annoying at times! Check this out:
Me: hi
Ma:late again..How many times have I told you to come home at six? (trust me, when she looks at you, eyes spitting fury, it seems like she knows what you have been upto, guilt or gut, she does know)

Me: How many times have I told you I cant. I have work. (basket ball and shine )
Ma: I dont know what college this is..blah blah blah...when are you ever gonna realise...some more blah

Phone rings. I walk away with it.
Ma: Pah! This phone also. This house is like a dharamshala for you, you come to sleep and eat. Iam gonna throw that mobile of yours.
Me: no response..

Not anymore..

Now that I dont live with her, I want someone to scold me when I come late, to ask if I have eaten, to wake me up (even if it means ramdev maharaj ka yoga lessons..chalega) just be there.

I love you and care for you. Sorry for behaving like an idiot at times(beti kiski hai), I do miss all those conversations we have had about people, abt places and abt life.. I hate to admit but you do make sense.. Aapki hindi buri nahi hai!! he he
Thanks for everything and most importantly for giving me my name...

Maaa... Aaj Khush tho bahut hoge tum..;) (Amitabh Bachchan style)

"Happy Birthday" ;)...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Where Cocos Dare!

1:00 AM- Script done. members of grp. 4 heave a sigh of relief! Venue: Richa's Bed

1:30 AM- Gossip and bitching time!! Venue: My bed

Realisation dawns, tired eyes beg for sleep... Head says" woman! go to bed, you need to get up early!" Alarm set for 5, with utmost reluctance. ipod stares, calling out to be heard, I overlook it.
Push ppl outta my abode of dreams and nightmares, read that one msg that makes life beautiful, not once not twice but several times over. Smile at the fact that the someone misses you!! Eyes close..

5.00 AM-Alarm, no, irritaing alarm screams as my ear drum vibrates and I curse...It finally 'dawned' on me that I need to make some noise in order to wake up the others from thier long siesta!
Cut to Jayanagar 4 t block..clad in jackets, two hooded, one with no head no hood (yours truly!) We catch a rick to the bus stop, the dude drives like there is no tomorrow for either of us!
Anyway, Cut to bus stop. Sole bus standing, no sign of civilization. We spot the driver and ask him if the gaadi goes to madiwala, to our surprise he smiles! (Drivers and conductors in Karnataka smiling, that too this early in the morning, is a sign alien to non-natives) The dude says, take 660 c, it will take you directly to bommanahalli.. Our ultimate destination..

Oh by the way, we are on our way to this place called bommanahalli(boms henceforth), as part of our reccee for our docu! (sorry, delayed lead) in search of coconut mandi! coconut water vs aerated drinks being our topic...

So, this smile vala driver drops us off to another bus stop (dint take money from us, three girls going to coconut mandi in the wee hours of the morning is a rare sight! therefore...)To our own surprise, 660 c stops right in front of us! brush with luck...

We get in and first question Bhavu(thats what shriju calls her) asks and the one that only she could have asked" Kitni der lagegi paunchne mein? Thodi der so jao kya?" I nod. We reach. walk walk walk.. I yap on abt christ college and poor kids had no other choice but to listen to my excited and animated version of the pondi my voice trails and stomach aches..we realise we have come too far, coconut?!

Being inquisitive and lost helps..We ask for directions , as every other person we meet directs us to either the main road or well, to some place that is back of beyond. We take diversion, walk back and turn left.. Coconuts! some more, many more, LOTS!

Too happy with ourselves, like we discovered a new sea route to Venice, we walk faster towards this massive habitation of coconuts.. Bhavu says in her trademark tone "Apun hai na, yahan pe aise shoot karenge"... As the eyes of those innocent coco sellers widen at the word shoot and they tighten their grip over the long weird looking killer weapon that they use to chop coco heads..

We are surrounded by these coco sellers, asking us what we want. "Hum film banane aaye hai" adds Devi.. They all pounce. Multi lingual attack.. We take two steps backwards.. "Hindi a? Kannada?" We say in unison " English." feeling a tad guilty..

My stomach ache returns as my mouth waters, what with so many cocos around! Almost sensing it, the dude asks, "kitna hona?" again we say in chorus "teen,three,muru" Not guilty.. ;)
Free cocos, free cocos! We drink, talk to the dude and walk back with a sense of accompolishment! of what? I have no clue.. Nor do I wanna make sense outta the whole deal.
Somethings are better left like that..

8:00 AM- back to the hostel.. sleep like a log. to get up and blog!
Dream of the docu, hope it comes out well....It better..For we went to some godforsaken place where only cocos dare!!
Apun hai na ab yehi pe shoot karenge!! ;)

Friday, December 01, 2006

DON (t) watch it..

After a lot of deliberation and hardwork ( getting these girls outta the hostel 'properly clothed and made up' is a task, in a theatre the only light that falls on you is from the screen, and nobody is paying to look at you, I fail to understand the 'getting decked up for the movie' part)..we went to watch DON, well the remake..

So we enter, ads and more ads..I wait for that thing they put, that certificate saying Don (colour).. First scene, damn what was the first scene...hmmm..chunkey pandey and some other half-actor with Shahrukh khan, in a round table conference.. while my friend says 'yaar ye banda door se chunkey pandey lag raha hai', the whole row laughs, not cos of SRK's one liners, but cos of the innocence with which the question was posed!

Well polished furniture, amazing cars, skyscrapers et al.. what else would you expect, it was malaysia or singapore or some such place.. The remake part as far as technology is concerned, they did a brillaint job, using a dvd instead of a diary which holds info abt all the underworld bigwigs was a treat for the eyes..even though we were more often than not, reminded of the Tuxedo and Matrix! Action was pretty good, some dialogues were witty. SRK is a natural humourist so thats that. There was one scene just after khaike paan banaraswala... it!

That reminds me, the songs!!! Integral part of Indian cinema.. ye mera dil pyar ka deewana! Kareena Kappoor flaunting all she has.. and she has too much to fit into 70mm..Pathetic, she was all over SRK in a million star hotel, in some golden tunic like thingie... i could hear myself snoring.. Helen and kareena, are you kidding me?! sorry but i just couldn take.. there was one ganapathi bappa song to introduce this other Don (in the original, the original Don dies and this other Amitabh enters) so this 'other' Don is called Vijay(same as my Don) i cant help but see Amitabh all over the screen, unfortunately for me, I remember every piece of clothing on him, so vividly that it hurts!!

Anyway, Khaike paan baraswala sounded like please dont eat paan ever! choreography was terrible, SRK looked like he was milking a cow and then mixing sugar! reverse angle.. oh the disco song which was replacement for main hoon don, is not even worth a mention.. aaj ki raat it seems!

The story was obviously the same, remake ke naam pe dhabba..Amitabh Bachchan cannot be replaced, in a remake or in KBC.. Biased? yes Iam.. if you give me a shoddy painting and say this is modern art when I have seen a masterpiece, I would not even spit on you..why waste it?

I might seem too harsh, but Farhan dint expect this from you, SRK couldn do much, his humour, his timing more like it, steals the show. Boman Irani again doesn dissapoint you, versatility personified. Someboby explain what Isha Koppikar and Priyanka Chopra were trying to do, definitely not acting.. I could actually see the director saying CUT!

So considering my expert advice and wisdom and this unbiased review of sorts I hope none of you would waste your precious hard earned money to go take a beauty nap, or be oblivious of the world in your siesta..
Mr. Bachchan I missed you terribly.. every scene, every sequence, every shot.. I could see, hear, feel only you....

Is Don ko sehna mushkil hi nahin, namumkin hai!!
Till later, DON' (T) watch it...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Disgusting. Utterly irritating and extremely frustrating. Not very positive sounding words you might think, I agree. Just that the men in my life and otherwise have been behaving like morons, lately. I always thought girls were a complicated lot and boys were comparitively easier to deal with, which is why for most part of my life, I was found playing, laughing, singing, dancing, crying, jumping,howling shouting and every other -ing with them.

After a certain point you just lose it. One of my friends' ex mailed her and asked her to send some of her poems to him so that he can please the present love of his extremely 'precious' life...
What kind of inane insensitivity is this? I mean dont they think before opening their mouth? Anything goes, right? How long will she be taken for granted? Poor girl cried her lungs out for some dash who cares a damn..

Our beloved college (mis) management comes up with innovative ideas to test our patience. They told us to shoot for an ad which we are all not very happy about, nevertheless we obliged. Here is where we had a close encounter of the nth kind with an A grade idiot ( my abusive vocab will not suffice for what I wanna convey) The cameraman, this weird looking half inch dog, took close ups of some of us for the sake of his personal entertainment!

Closer home, the man we thought was an angel turned out to be..well never mind! The reach of the web is too wide for me to talk about this explicitly. I shall just say 'inappropriate behaviour' and put a full stop. Who do you trust? I have no clue.

Some guy who I thought was my best friend, left at a time when I had no one, after something I thought was wonderful. Vague I know, but now thats the way it is , an unclear misty part in my brain, wherever memory is said to reside. Am I to blame? Is he? Or the omnipresent excuse that is fate?!

Last but not the least, one of my very close friends said something that hurt me to an extent I probably will never be able to put in words. More than hurt what I felt was extreme anger, the one fit like fury when all you wanna do is slap the person sitting next to you! Fortunately for my friends they were not around and therefore did not see me in a trance like state!

Am I over reacting? maybe he dint intend to cause damage of this sort,.. why should I defend him? Iam in a way defending myself.. The question is, where do we go from here? Forget it and move on? Like everything else? Let it linger and lose another friend? Doesn even sound worthwhile.. I read somewhere 'dont let a small fight ruin a great friendship' .. Has he not forgiven? What am I to do?

Man-kind? I dont think so. Time to rephrase....

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kya mujhe pyar hai!!

'Music is the food of life', Shakespeare uncle said once. And its so bloody true. Well, now it goes without saying that I love music.. A song should be melodious to the ear and soothe that small little tiny thingie on the left side of your body. The heart.

Every song brings with it an experience, taking you to a different world, away from deadlines, nagging people, loveless lives. A place in some corner of the world( the world aint round when you are in song mode!!) where you are all alone but it seems like there are many 'yous'! if you get what I mean, it is an immensely complicated situation to explain. You just have to be there to feel it.. pretty close to heaven. It doesn necessarily have to be beethoven's symphony or Mozart's something to give you the AHA effect!

Kabhie Kabhie... I can listen to Kabhi Kabhie all the time! Kinda oxymoronish, but this one is subtle( he he), extremely romantic for a pathetic-kill joy-non romantic person like me.. to top it, its a Bachchan song, and the man's voice is mind-blowing.. Mukesh just adds to the flavour..
And last but not the least, I taught this one to one of my very close friends and he sang it brilliantly.. What say dost?!

Kuch Na Kaho... Iske baare mein kya kahe? RD Burman's last epitome of resonance. The lyrics just pull you inside a small cocoon where all you wanna do is mute yourself...

When you say nothing at all..reminds me of Christ College and all those wonderful people, who understood even before I opened my 'little' mouth, that always desired a mazza!!

Aaj Phir jeene ki tamanna hai.... Beautiful song, beautiful lady, Waheeda Rehman and Lata Mangeshkar-deadly combination. The fact that you wish to live but intend to die both at the same time, only goes to show how haapy you are and content with everything around, its about this moment! The NOW...

Ye jo des hai tera... Cried when I heard it the first time, brain-drain sucks, Rehaman rocks and thats evident in the song. This guy baffles me. He is made for patriotic songs, his raw voice does it for me.

Come to think of it, Ae mere vatan ke logo is another exemplary piece. Kehte hai na rongte khade ho jaate hai. I heard it when I was in the third standard, in the assembly, this bhaiya sang in the most amazing voice ever, and I cried.

Ehsaan tera hoga mujh par.... I wonder what better vocation Mohd. Rafi would have chosen for himself. Just let me stay, just let me be, just let me say that iam in love with you! so lovely, dont you think? I just have to say its beautiful, no synonym for the word will do justice.. On the personal front, this song is for the first and the last 'Boss' in my life...

It's the time to disco... This one just makes me happy! Everytime I listen to it, I just wanna dance no matter where I am.. Memories!!!!

Main Aisa kyun hu.. Created history in the New Indian Express, when one of the interns, ear phones drumming next to the ear drum, sang it so loudly that the head office in Delhi would have heard it! No marks for guessing who this hardly working intern was! Yours truly...

Kya mujhe pyar hai..??? karke tho arse ho gaya! hmmm.. For those who are in love, reaffirms the joy of existing in that strata, for single people, makes you want to be in love, again and again and again... The ultimate!! Current favourite, this song and the singer just sweep me off my feet and all I wanna do is fall! tu meri khwabo mein, jawabo mein sawalo mein...Kudos to the dude who wrote it...

Well, this post comes with the advent of my dearest friend, the i pod! I sleep with it at night so you know the meaning 'dearest' here! reference to the context!! The point is, what makes these songs amazing are the lyrics and the memories associated with each one..Lots more to go.. till then keep singing, people will tell you to shut up, sing even more loudly, they are just jealous of your talent!!! You are a natural.. enjoy!! ;)

To be continued....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


RULE # 1

No Gods, No Stars

No Icons.....

I Pray, I Believe

I M Inspired.....

Just By My 'SELF'


Courtesy Ree's jacket tag.. She gave it to me coz she got reminded of me when she read it..
Thanks Ree..

Monday, October 30, 2006

E-n-g-l-i-s-h Phew!

" English is a funny language, I talk english, walk english, I laugh english!", says Mr. Bachchan in Namak Halal. But I really dont understand the logic, probably cos there is none. Widely spoken, all across the globe, international language, english literature is THE literature. Weird though.
I always thought I knew the language to an extent that I can call myself 'comfortable' with it! Lo and behold! that was not to be.. We have english grammar classes almost everyday ( God is great) for two hours! Post lunch, after an amazing sound editing class, which eye( lids kept open by force and extra kaajal) in the world and which ass on earth would want to 'passively' convert sentences into active voice, is a question that begs for an answer.

Well, Iam invariably in the front bench, under our beloved Sandy ma'am's nose, who painstakingly, in her very resonant voice teaches us phonemes..umm..Phonetics! As her mouth makes an irritating "owa, as in 'world' and 'wow.. We nod in agreement, slowly repeating what she said but simultaneously acknowledging the fact that this is nothing but waste of our precious time, which we would have otherwise spent G talking! Trust me its like doing a crash course in typewriting and english without grammar, making sense alright...

My attention span is one tenth of a second and I have no patience nor the inclination to detect and disect a normal, harmless sentence into its parts of speech. I mean, for what joy?
'She is a beautiful girl' , now 'beautiful' is an adjective, i.e it describes the noun, here the noun is 'girl', for the benefit of those like me who dont know the nuances or intricacies that make this language a force to reckon with. The point is, 'She is a beautiful girl'. Period. I am not gonna say, She- pronoun-is -(?) a-article-beautiful-adjective-girl-noun! Had I been a guy the girl would have consulted a dictionary and I would have landed up in some godforsaken hospital.

I have no idea how I write without any knowledge about the auxiliary verbs, the main clause and its subordinate (Imperialism at its best, what with the main and its subordinate!) The english are a snobbish lot, after all..

To conclude, I fail to comprehend the need for these two hours of continuous brain drain, cos the only activity I actively participate in, is the passing of chits to Ree through other victims of the very same torture. Its like a 'concentration camp' wherein, all u do is sit and look at the white board as the words in circles, which are supposed to be some part of speech (preposition, adverb et al) pole vault over your head. And you wonder do I even belong here? Now, oh ma'am loves 'now', actually its 'nuf' and how is 'huf'! what the hell were thay teaching us is school?

Education system, I tell you!

So nuf I dont know huf to proceed further with my argument. Phew! too much I have written. i wrote too much, wrote is past participle of write! or written is past participle? whatever! Tenses, never mind.. U get what iam sayin?

Moral of the story: Ignorance is bliss! If u can afford it, that is.. English aint my cup of tea!

Friday, October 27, 2006


A song half sung
A light lit dim
An unheard beat
A story begins...

Dawn to dusk
Dusk to dawn
Life is just
Destiny's pawn

Journey of a mule,
burdened back
Hunching past ghosts
in a ghastly, stuffed back

Sack opens
brewing memories fall
Then, here,now...dazed and lost

Oblivious of the cacophony
Rantling in my head
A constant question
An ignored thought

A call to summon
loud loud noise
Background beckons
tempting voice

I chose to be
I chose not to see
Remain forever
Dazed in glee....

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Its weird. Everything begins and ends with nothing. The question is why do somethings begin if they have to end? We meet so many people in the course of a lifetime, some stick on, some pass by, some are somewhere out there but never forgotten.
One of my 'best' friends left a couple of days back. The dude forgot his phone at home and the only number etched (forcefully, unwillingly) in his memory, other than his of course was\is mine. "iam leaving for good"! yours or mine?!
That was all he said. I could only manage an "OK".. horrible.. fewest words spoken on phone, ever! But the funniest part is I dint feel a thing! should i, shouldn i?! what am i supposed to feel.. something or NOTHING??
We met for lunch. They chatted mercilessly in malayalam. I played with my spoon and plate wondering what the hell am I doing here, unwanted attachment. why was I feeling outta place with my friends of three long eventful years? anyway, we went shopping! thats one thing I dont like indulging in.. Everyone went hopping from one shop to another. Dude takes a huge pile of clothes, anything and everything he managed to find, goes to the trial room, comes out with oversized pants, tries to grab others attention but no one except me comments!
I tell him its too long, he ignores and asks others. I tell myself not to feel bad. But I did feel bad, pathetic actually.. This is the same guy who wouldn even go to the loo without my permission! Well, not really, but he was.. never mind. Finally San walks in like a breather, I am all too happy to see him. Anyway, the dude in question continues to admire himself in the mirror. I tell him "You still are self-obsessed, somethings never change" He gives me this 'whatever' look and goes about his business and I stand there looking at the mirror and the stranger standing in front of me. Nothing between us. Zero.
We, as in, all of us start giving our expert comment on movies and he tells me to watch this mallu flick that casts my favourite actor, I ask without any emotion " oh you remember what i like? I am surprised" He says " I dont forget things" ... conversation with others about how corn is too tasty continues with me standing in the middle of these newly found old people. Have i changed or have they? Or has Nothing changed..
Time to go. I offer to drop him as the rick guy has to pass our dude's place anyway. We go to book his tickets, five minutes, walking in silence towards the college where we first met. Not feeling a thing. Silence is broken:
Dude: How is your brother?
Me:(surprised) he is fine. How is your brother?
Dude: Fine. Busy with studies.
Me: Oh ok.
Inconsequential conversation between two ppl who used to talk for six hours at a stretch, talking bout nothing at all but still having said so much..
We take a rick. The auto guy asks for extra money. Dude looks at me, knowing very well I wont pay a penny more than the meter, "lets go, i will pay the extra amount" . I say another horrible "ok".. In the rick:
Me:So how come u suddenly decided to leave? (you left long back, dint u?)
Dude: Not suddenly, had been planning since three months.
Me: oh ok.. so what plans next? (yeah like he is some education minister!)
Dude: havent thought of it yet.
Me and Dude together: Will come back here only! (laughter, genuine laughter)
Silence again. Twenty minutes pass by.
Dude: Traffic sucks here.
Me:hmm..yeah it has become pretty bad. The bikes and stuff..remember Goa? Bajaj avenger? ( i kick myself for saying that)
Dude: yeah. nice bike.
Me: yeah.
Sittin half feet awayI could feel the distance of a million miles. We were struggling for words to fill our empty namesake dialogue...Back to nothingness..
Rick stops. He gets down. Says bye and walks off. I say, well, nothing.
From the shortest phone call to the longest auto ride which lasted a paltry half an hour, I couldn help rewinding the tapes of memory, washed away by time. There was.. thats the word 'was'! There was nothing, there is nothing. Still there is a void. Unfilled, probably it never will be. We begin and end with one word Zilch Zilch and Zilch.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Oh My God!!

When I was small I used to imagine going to heaven, but I was told that I need to behave to be able to qualify myself to gain entry into the gates of the gods. I used to think God is this blue coloured dude( ujala vala blue) armed with weapons to kill the demons(asuras) and the only person on earth, I mean, outside earth or wherever he is supposed to exist, allowed to have many wives!! I was like wow! this guy has loads of power..
Every function at home used to mean, new clothes, family and delicacies that will make your mouth water for ages.. But then as I started this very addictive process of thinking, I couldn understand why certain 'things' were done in a certain way. I could never get a convincing answer. I found it very difficult to do something or be part of something I did not believe in, by force or otherwise. My family understands.
Navratri starts today. My friends are fasting. The concept is hard for me to comprehend. Fasting according to naturopathy and so many other things is advisable and should be done at times, but if it is done cos you wanna please god or 'bribe' him to grant your wish, there is no point. Food is important, no two ways bout it. The one meal that you willfully forego can feed a whole family that lives below the poverty line. Why not give it to them, if you are in a position to chose whether or not to eat! They have been fasting from the time they were born. None of them have achieved salvation yet!
In the morning I was told to sing the 'aarti'. I like the tune, the way it sounds but it really doesn make sense to me. I dint wanna hurt P so i went on with the proceedings. I can talk to god whenever I want, pre-bath,post-bath or during! He is probably the only person who knows me in and out.. Thats cos its me. Iam god! Sounds extremely ambitious but true. Another thing P doesn let me do is putting the pen in my mouth..I agree its a bad habit.No, disgusting. She said you shouldn do it cos goddess saraswati exists in the pen! And I thought it was the refill that makes it work.
What exactly is mythology? If myth is the antonym for fact, then why does it have such a strong hold on our minds? Why do we keep going back to it? Why has it become an excuse for us to create pollution in the pretext of diwali? Just because a mythological character returned back to where he belonged we fill our lungs with smoke.. as if cigarettes were'nt enough.
Everything is man-made. Even the concept of God. I believe in Nirguna Nirakara Brahma. God doesn look like Rama or Krishna. God looks like u and me. Actually he looks like nothing. Wht does nothing look like? Is he male or female? (I ve'nt heard anyone saying Oh My Goddess!) Well, this is just another concept. Now that the blue colour dude I used to watch on Tv(too much make up can kill the almighty) is angry with my blasphemous behaviour, looks like Iam not going to heaven! Damn I need to fast.. Oh My God!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Long time, no post!

Once upon a time.. i used to post and post and post.. now looks like the post-all dept. is on strike! Weird how life can get so busy that you have to make time to take a deep breath in and breathe out!! who would wanna know what i have been upto? ( other than being upto no good, that is!)..
Nothing much actually. Well, if you insist:

* Got a culture shock a month back

* Found myself in the midst of eight equally weird gals and well, three 'boys'

*Sharing everything from bedrooms to bathrooms

*Getting used to the fact that gals aren that bad after all..

*Gossiping! yuck! what am i turning into?

*Crying away to glory for no apparent reason

*Controlling temper and breaking lose! all in a day's work

*Dealing with proxy response, artificial intelligence sucks!

*Editing to an extent that you end up editing all your grey cells and yourself..

*Malayalam is our national language.. They are like hutch! network follows wherever I go!

*Learning that Alcohol is an important and integral part of journalism!

*Meeting old friends and feeling shit, its been so long! talking bout irritating bosses and incompetent teachers!

*Expecting to see "1 message received" on my not-so-mobile-phone!

*Getting used to the above mentioned statement not happening!

*Missing home sweet home! its toug when your family lives in the backyard and you are just there but not really!

*Finding a confidante in someone i thought i would never get along well with..

*Cursing telepathy and increasing frequency of similar wavelengths.. Indiviuality seizing to exist!

*Watchin chupke chupke! Just like that... Chupke chupke!

*fighting for a cause, as apt as 'there is no salt in my food'! or who took two katorees? why is there no roti left! people, eat with spoons!

*Consoling people and feeling happy that i managed to!

*Dressing up for a page 3 party! Skirts are so not me!

*Telling a guy he is cute! (sigh)

*Feeling extremely happy that someone finally messaged and forgetting the world at the wrong time!

All that and much more. Hostel life aint that easy, but then who said life is?! I am living with the world's most weirdest and sweetest people..a series of ego clashes and temper tantrums ago, i thought I dont belong here! Now i cant think of a place i belong which Idiot was singing 'mohe bhool gaye savariya?!!' Lage raho... (wink)

*P.S Life is like that!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

7 RCR, anyone?!

I find it really funny! No seriously. The place where I live can not be termed as dangerous (in spite of me) but we have a security guard anyway who during his night ‘duty’ sleeps like there is no tomorrow.. cant blame him! This act of his, almost made him lose this prestigious job, that of guarding seemingly less important people of the entire population. Strict action was taken, a court martial like treatment!

That’s 1st main rd, pai layout! Very much unlike or even remotely close to 7 RCR, Prime Minister’s residence( whatever said and done or not done, he is a VVIP) A part on India’s political map which is supposed to be guarded by personnel that call themselves SPGs ( Special Protection Guards) very special indeed! Enter the Sonata! No its not a sequel of the Bruce lee flick, its just a privileged car. “ I want to meet the Prime Minister”. Sure ma’am! Yeah like the PM is uska padosi, guzar rahe the socha mil lete hai! They almost managed, mind you. Media reports claimed it was a serious security breach, and the PMO did what it is best at, issued statement “ no breach of security”. Another interesting point of the whole deal, the news channels very cleverly got the reaction of the BJP, the opposition party more like it, ekdum exclusive on every channel! The ruling party was in a cabinet meeting, too busy amending RTI bills and the like, you see.. If it was not a security breach why were those kids sent to jail?( two of them working for Air Sahara, grounded a month back, now sacked, no sahara from anyone, just hanging in mid air)

Why were they booked under section 447? Impersonation and trespassing?? They never prosecuted trespassers, oh those are infiltrators, those dudes who sneak in, everything has crossed the Line Of Control.. When our PM himself is not in safe hands, what Nuke-deal are we signing with the statue of liberty that has the power of defending the whole nation? Its so funny.. There is a mole, no two of them in the already very ‘white’ governing body of ours!! You have no idea how exciting politics can get!! Narmada ko bacha na sake, farmers aaj bhi mar rahe hai, khud ko bacha nahi sakte, desh ko kya bachayenge? Its so bloody funny. Jokes apart, its been a long time since i went out with friends, 7 RCR anyone?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Enga Di 'A' ?

The following conversation took place in three languages, broken english, chinese like tamil but dominated by hindi.. In other words I was in one of my talkative modes. My grandmother…hmmm granny, no dadi..I shall just stick to Paatima, was too lazy to go to school when she was young, they used to run away to the fields and play with the boys( now I know where I got that from!) So cool! I used to think until…

Shift to Comp room.. I am sitting with the orkut home page cursing everyone who is not online and some buggers who are. Answering new age questions like “ Will you do the friendship with me? I am working in MNC, read your very nice profile, sadhana what is your good name?” Now that’s some (S) crap!! Who the hell gave him naukri in a MNC? Wonder if he even knows the full form.. Sometimes I am so tempted to say…never mind I digress.. As soon as I drag the mouse to delete, I see a wrinkled hand going towards the key board, from the corner of my eye.. “Enga di A? ( where is A) I want to write A B C D”.. I look at her ageing but ever so beautiful face and say with an air of authority “ Not now”.. Cos I am monitoring the launch of Discovery you see! She gives me an expression which says “ How rude”…

Me: Sorry ek minute..I disconnect the internet and open Word..
P: Enga di A?
Me: yahan oru daram click pannu.. ( just click once)
P: (Obediently) Hmmm..
She is about to click on S thinking its B, I demonstrate disapproval.. She plays around the keyboard and presses B.. murmuring why these people cant arrange letters in order..
Me: Ah! Good..C enga?
P: I know C..Click
Me: ok D? takes time but gets it right.. This tuition continues successfully till she reaches R which looks like K.. A quizzical frown takes over her lined forehead. As she does ini meanie mina moe.. and gives the benefit of doubt to K..Presses without waiting for a signal..
P: Enaku ellam teriyum! ( I know everything)
Me: Nahi vo galat hai.. one more chance
P: Hmmm…ok.. forces down on R.. rest all till Z correct under my supervision..
Me: Very good. Now phir se ezhudu (write again)
P: ( gazing at me with a shocked look, the triumphant one doing the vanishing act!) “Not Now” she giggles her heart out and walks out..

Like a graduate..satisfied with a sense of achievement…A feeling she managed to manifest in five minutes…It took me several years in school and three years in college to call myself one in the black cloak.. Enga di A?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

..And Terror Alone Triumphs..

“Har musalmaan aathankvadi nahi hota, par har athaankvadi musalmaan kyon hota hai? Jaago Hindustan Jaago.. think about this and spread the message. Hindu Yuvasena Bangalore.” I got this message on my mobile from one of my brother’s friends. I was agitated to an extent I cant explain. I replied “ Stop it. Those who died were not Hindus or Muslims but people of a nation. INDIANS, If u do call yourself educated, behave like one” ..But anger doesn’t help.

Hundreds dead, scores injured, and counting. A week after Mumbai bomb blast, the city is living in fear. Fear of being blown into pieces, fear of losing someone, fear of death, fear of life itself! “Jinko jaana tha vo tho chale gaye, ab hume kisi tarah guzaara karna hoga “says a hapless relative of a victim. Acceptance of brutality of fate or approval of bereavement as a way of life? Be it the floods, the blasts or the maximum city being termed as the rudest, Mumbai has heard and seen all and continues to do so, a la Srinagar..

Butchered and scarred, the city of dreams is turning into a nightmare. Mumbaikars have taken everything in their stride and braved it all. But for how long? Our prime minister addresses the nation and says “we will not kneel down to this terrorist outrage” Kneel down? We are dead and lying. The international community( influence of which is visible in the nomenclature of the tragedy, 7/11 it seems) by way of the G-8 summit condemns the attacks. What else can they do? The elected representatives (well some of them were pseudo-elected, others self-elected), group of 8 of so-called developed and developing countries in an air conditioned room deciding the providence of billions around the world is impotent to say the least.

Seven bombs and countless deaths, yet no questions asked no answers given. Debates after debates, thousand discussions but no conclusion. Blame it on intelligence failure (?) or terrible governance or corrupt bureaucrats there is and never will be any accountability for anything. “war against terror” coined by Bush sounds like just another word game. Country has gone to the dogs, who are biting away the very foundation of civilization. Unfortunately, no vaccine available, other than hoping against hope…

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Minority Report

India is a country with; no sorry, India is a 'developing' country with enormous resources.Her ever- growing economy is proof enough of the vital role she plays in the era of globalization. Sounds like the introductory paragraph of some economics book? Not quite. India is also a country that proudly exhibits the phrase Unity in Diversity, just the phrase.

Malini Das, lecturer in Kolkata, gave birth to a hermaphrodite last week( Times Life!) The eunuchs community wants to take charge of the kid and raise it as one among them...Why? Because in this developing country of ours and a progressing society that we are a part of, the child will not get the respect meted out to a 'normal' person. The question that comes to my mind is who is this normal person? One who is born with appropriate reproductive organs? The appropriate reproductive organs being that of a male? Who decides what is normal? Those whose numbers are infinite, the mighty majority!! And if this majority has a heavy purse with 'any time money' written all over it then thats a catastrophe of sorts!

Mother gives birth to child which is a natural process, the child because of chromosomal play ups, develops both organs that belong to the category of male and female. Now in this whole natural process, what is not right? They are born that way. Like we all are. They breathe the same filthy air, filled with the toxins of a race that is selfish and hypocritical.

While I was reading the article this sunday, I realized how all of us, my immediate family and friends, joke about this category of people. The fact that we have created and marked boundaries in our mind's map of a phenomenon called the Us and Them is shameful to say the least. I have myself played a part in laughing at their expense. The very reason they behave the way they do in trains and weddings and all those ceremonies is because we have ostracized them. They got nothing but a stare that is intimidating and condescending not because of our high intellectual, spiritual or psychological capability, but because of the vanity of belonging to a community that is far superior when it comes to mere numbers.

The whole battle over reservation-SC, ST, OBC, categories that are ironically the majority vs. what is printed in all our application forms as OTHERS is uncalled for. This pseudo-majority(the 'us') eats pizzas instead of sukhi roti and dal chawal(needless to say, 'them') Unity in Diversity or Divide and Rule?

The point is whatever said and done and written, nothing is gonna change. Year after year more children with socially "unacceptable" biological traits are born and will be born, they will again be termed and treated as outcasts, finding their names in the Minority Report. Like someone rightly said " The majority consists of fools!!"

Monday, June 26, 2006

Reservation? Yes, Please!!

"Aiyo no time to argue.. have to buy ticket also, so if u please let us go, i would be indebted to u for the rest of my poor life!!" Thats an excerpt of the conversation I had with an auto guy in Chennai.. The fact that i let him go alive is proof enough of my extreme tolerance. We, that is my cousin and I, make our way through the crowded path that leads to the entrance of the Chennai Central Station! glad to have finally reached in one piece, it is a big deal considering its me!! So

Step 2 was to buy tickets to Bangalore. Standing in a que, as long as the great wall of china, was hell. What with everyone wanting to go to Bangalore when we decided to, is not a very exciting idea. Luggage in hand, we stand! sounds like some motto of All India Coolies Association, but never mind. We get our tickets with details like 'adults 2' typed on it. I say to myself ha! atleast someone thinks I finally grew up! Step 3 search for platform 11, find, rest your ass on luggage and wait for train. I combined many steps in one, Reducing the therblig, you see!

The Train Arrives..sounds like my first year general english lesson Tar Arrives. Not good memory, just that I loved the chapter so much that I wrote the exam twice.So remember by default. The voluminous cluster of people try their luck in getting into the train, as another bunch tries to exit from the very same so-called "entrance". As we wonder whatever happened to birth control pills and condom ads! A scenario of "hum do hamare Sau" right in front of our eyes.. We let them all pass by and wait for the coast to clear so that we can make our grand entry.

And what a sight! An empty seat, just enough for the two of us to fit in. As we settle down, I look up to thank God for showering his blessings by letting us have a place to sit. Legs!! Yup. three pairs of dirty,unwaxed,hairy legs greet my Garnier face washed crystal clear face, as if god was saying You so wish woman!! Why dont men go to beauty parlours? i swear, i wont think they are gay, there is another word now, metrosexual!! so there! Welcome to the Unreserved compartment of Brindavan Express! I let myself digest all this and console poor me by saying, think about those who dint find a place to sit and that home is just a few hours away..

Hmmm..Blue saree, bejewelled from top to bottom, beautiful eyes smacked with kajal, an unforgettable face. This lady politely asks the old man and his wife to make space for her daughter and her as she sat right opposite me, I couldnt help but admire her beauty. Enter the guy with blood shot eyes..Red was never my favourite clour, more so now! Inebriated to the t! He asks the people upstairs if there is place to lie down.. are u kidding me? We are trying to fit our asses in here and this one wants to lie down? baap ka maal hai kya?

His question cum request is rightfully rejected and he lies down opposite our seat, under it..Gross. The train finally starts.I gaze outta the window as the old lady next to me gives me her radiant toothless smile, the ont that means lets talk. I oblige. We talk and my eyes move towards the man under the seat as he makes his private parts public! yucK! disgusting, i wanted to run. Then i thought why should i, he is as unreseved as iam and he is totally disgusting to top it.. I tell the damsel (no exaggeration, she was beautiful) to do something about it. She tells him to clear the area! phew! Good riddance to disgusting rubbish...

Then i go off to sleep and miss the entry of this hot guy in red shirt..did i say i never liked the colour?? It was like missing the beginning of an awesome Bachchan movie..But that doesn discourage me from watching the rest of the flick so i start the drooling session.I look, he looks. I feel happy that he dint notice i was looking.Once we were on deuce but the it was Advantage Saddy!! That was the only "not-so-comic-but-extremely-romantic-relief" in the whole plot. We finally reach our destination. I tell myself iam never ever travelling in an Unreserved compartment ever again.

No wonder everyone is fighting for reservation, well in trains Yes please! Iam gonna do a serious change in track ' records', next time around!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Where Is My Muse?

The starry sky,
sober moonlight.
I start to write
An ode to the night..

Mind barren, infertile and vast
Hands stop, fingers move.
only to scratch
An unwritten past.

Eyes closed, I pose.
Images flow, of people, of places..
Where is my muse?
In broken chords, in incomplete phrases?

Dilapidated lines
call out my name.
What have you made of us?
We stand, defamed!

Snapshots of memories
Distantly near.
Lost between time and space,
My muse, so unclear.

Mortality of men
Or futility of life?
Dawn of a new day
Or end of a strife?

Where is my muse?
Lost in God's vanity
Flying with clipped wings
My insane sanity!

My first poem of the year after a long time of drought in my head! phew! Where the hell is my muse ??

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bring me to life..

Something that is more fascinating than life, something that is intriguing, something which signifies the end for some, beginning for others, liberation for some, binding for others. Something that made me realise the purpose of life. DEATH....

"Please dont cry. I am so sorry" a dialogue i rehearsed in my head, as I got ready to face my cousin whose Appa passed away two days back. He was my uncle. These words seemed so lame to me as soon as i uttered them. I dreaded meeting her, what was I supposed to say? Sorry?? for what??

When I saw her surrounded by all her friends, she turned. I smiled. Words wont come out. I hugged, she cried. I did not. She wouldn leave me. I dint wanna. She held my hand. I took her out. All in silence. We were alone now. I said I love you. She cried. I did not.
They brought the body.

Body? the heart not beating... soul still alive. Now and forever. It was sealed with some number followed by NON MLC- BRAHMIN.. Ya right!

The son was told to pour water on himself and chant some mantras which the vadhyar(pandit) recited for a living, the son repeated like a parrot, cursing God inside his head. I stood there in the midst of familiar unknown faces. It was time to light the lamp. "where is east? " Everyone blinked. What the hell is in the east? sun rises!! will he wake up to see it?

Chanting continues as more people enter. Someone calls me. "Put three spoons of water in his mouth" . I dont know how I got the courage to do that. Numb as ever I went. Someone held his mouth as I thought, I wish I could give you a glass of this, but they wont let me.
He smiled.

The son was told to keep his father's head on his lap and say something in his ear to the effect of "I will take care of mother and sister" was too complicated for me to interpret. Some elder asked "aayacha?" (meaning, is it over?) Vadhyar nodded. Was'nt it over long back??
They wrapped the 'body'. She said "sadhana appava kondupo vendam sollu, please sadhana" (tell them not take appa). She cried. I did not.

We watched the ambulance go past us, taking something precious away. We followed the crowd of mourning relatives and some other people who had come to give attendance, as they explained why others couldn make it, citing reasons inapt and unnecessary. She walked next to me, but miles away, talkin to her appa.

And at that moment i realised what a fool i had been!

I was chasing some dream i did not need, i was running away from myself and others for something i presumed was mine. Life was apparently being unfair to me! Reality hit hard.
I collected myself, I took her hand in mine as my mind rebelled against my heart. I told myself, my life is so full, I have so much more to share. I left her at her doorstep, "Take care. I will come at night.Eat something", was all i could manage. She smiled for the first time. I did not.

He had to die to bring me back to reality. To what I have. To what I really need. To my duties, my responsibilities, my family,my friends. He had to die to bring me back to life. To me.
I cried.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Room No. 109...

"Father i wanna do journalism... only in Christ and nowhere else".. Father gives me his ever famous dont- you -know- who -you -are- talking -to look.. I take a step backwards. Still determined to change his mind.. His penetrating eyes look into my application form as i hit myself once more for that screwed up hand writing. He frowns " Mount carmel is a good college". I reluctantly agree, " yes father but too many girls". i say with all the innocence i could manage to find!

And the rest is history! no sorry, Psychology! wink

That was my passport to enter JPEng room no. 109, my home-to-be for three years. How do i sum it up in a few words? ( i suck at maths ) where do i begin from, gosh i always had a starting problem!

Naresh Sir.. a complete man (no he doesn wear raymond) Walking encyclopedia and someone i have grown to love, adore, respect and admire. Never seen someone so humble and down to earth, never mind his height!! ya, whatever!

Anu.. My best friend! so similar yet different! from drooling over guys to bitching about them, from KFC to shine, from poetry to lovelorn songs, from being a rebel to losing control( you know what i mean) we have done it all! Sobbing together opposite the island cos apparently life was being a bitch! eating frankie and naming the drooling dog you know what! Shit! cant believe its all over. thanks for being there. love ya woman! We shall die together! Crazy Nuts

Boms.. Bald and the Handsome! every thing suits you dude. You are awesome. Were always there whenever i needed a boulder to cry on!! Saale sudhar ja.. Will never forget how we used to plan and irritate people! partners in crime!! Thanks for just being there.

Shashank.. Its the time to disco!! our first movie together and the rest is tragedy!! he he every minute spent with you was hmm.. umm... like a rollercoaster ride! We hold the record for maximum number of battles fought, won and lost!! But the point is we are still going strong... So what if we cant play cards?? we can get the rebound and shoot a three pointer all at the same time! apun dono dost! sorry for the crap and thanks for being there when you were not needed! he he

Snehu.. Birds of the same feather flock together.. or was it casablanca! Sorry for ruining Dc team! i was the 'DUMB' part of the game! whole lot of fun! lot of gadbad, some loose connections some disformed ideas some assumptions but at the end of the day we are part of the same team!! so wont miss you he he

Jena.. mad or what! i have a whole post dedicated to you, not writing anymore! you taught me the biggest lesson of my life. Thanks for everything.i owe you a lot, most of all an apology. forgetting you would be instant death! aha big words for someone who is already self obsessed! love ya.

Many more to go.. too overwhelmed with emotion. I thought i wouldn miss college but look at me! Cant tell you guys how much you mean to me! lack of words sorry! poor vocab!
Last but not the least thanks to Fr. V without whose patience and tolerance "WE" wouldn have been possible!! So lucky to have met you all, had no choice actually.

You taught me that its really not 'a friend in need is a friend indeed' a friend in greed would be more like it!!

Three years.....
Heart Breaks
Leg Breaks
RAng de..
Basket Ball
Cricket ( the opposition had NO BALLS to face defeat, so we did!! )
Shine ( Cheta oru chaya)
Cultural analysis ( zzzzzzzzz...zzzz ik choti si long story)
Jasmines and Marigolds ( what the....)
Ass you like it....
Brave macbethththt
NCC and RD
Kiosk cheta
book shop uncle
post-modernism ( mr. anil pinto rocks)
oh my mazza!
BU results! ( this shall never pass)
Class trip ?
Again love
Again heart break
but still hoping for the best.......
Thats the spirit of being a christite! so march on!!

PS: did you know the frequently asked question in christ college campus is Wassup? you know why? with heads held high..... sorry sad joke .. and heart so strong!!

hey next class in room no. 109! we so wish!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding...

College day came and went. Dint realise it would get over so fast. i danced i danced !! Cant thank San enough for bringing us all together. Rang de basanti to lose control, man what an awesome journey and check out the overwhelming response. "can i make a suggestion?", " We can do like, one more time", "i wanna dance for Ari Ari" all this and more. San would shout and scream at the top of his voice " people shut up, you girls talk too much" how much time does it take to put steps for lose control?" And how much time did you guys take for ari ari?? saala faltu mein chillata hai!

Oh those addayein for kajrare, i had to practice in front of the mirror in my loo some thousand times to be able to get that so called prostituty look. But it was fun. Though i was told to behave myself several times by our beloved choreographer even though it was never my mistake( not always, come on man!) People told me i dance like a guy!! Its so much easier, trust me! just bite your lower lip and shake your head, thats all. On the final day, frankly speaking i was shit scared. Group hugs were doing the rounds backstage. Prayers, "all the best", have fun and all those words in the background just bounced off my head, but got registered somewhere. As soon as our team name was announced, i sensed a weird 'sensation' in my stomach, gulp!!
my throat was dry.

Its dark. I wait for Danny to enter from the other side, she is waiting for me!! oh god! Someone pushed me and i obediently walked on stage. Smoke and darkness. Ding ding ding ding ding ding... After that i dont remember a thing. Crowd went crazy.. They were howling, i was like screw everything. even if i make a mistake iam not gonna stop for anything in the world!! What enjoyment, what fun. seriously i had the time of my life. we got a standing ovation! can you beat that? Post-performance, group hugs, " you guys rocked". "you looked so cute on stage", " you guys are the best"! All the hard work paid off. Then we started getting offers to perform on different occassions and even if we dint we invited ourslves to perform. All for the love of dance.

For me it was a dream come true to dance in college before i leave. A cherished memory. My dance team rocks! Thanks guys. Wish we had done this earlier.

Oh i danced for Ari Ari finally! And also with my very good friend who loves dancing as much as i do but would never come for practice sessions!! At the end of it all, i wish for more. just some more time.... Imagine hours and hours of practice for a seven minute sexy performance which rocks the crowd and gets them on their feet, what more can we ask for? I started with a colourful-all-is-well song, went on to become a sexed up prostitute(slut is the word), became a rebel!! all in one go. Aha! experience. Good josh people.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

My dil goes hmm....

Stub on his chin, shirt tucked in, smile on his lips and life in his eyes... and boy! I stop, stand and stare.. oblivious of everyone and everything around me. My eyes search him, my feet freeze. Time stops.. He opens his mouth to say something, not to me, to someone else and for that moment i wanna be that person and every other person he talks to.. Its amazing how life can be a bitch at times. when something is right in front of you, you cant see it, when it vanishes, thats when you realise what you have lost.. how incredibly irritating would that be??
He holds my hand, i lose myself. He looks at me and i think God! if looks could kill i would be six feet under!! Love a? No da. Its just a phase that iam going through! Wink

Love is not a red rose, candle light dinner, a long walk on the beach side early in the morning( are you kidding me, who the f will get up so early?) its not a saga of oh! iam yours and you are mine, body, mind and soul! ( boring boring..)

Love is when you are blabbering your ass off, without a care in the world about the listener's tolerance level, when every stupid song you listen to suddenly makes sense ( those stupid rap numbers and remixes included).. when all you want from him is to call your name and say " take care of my books".. my heart hops, skips and jumps everytime he says "you look nice"..
Aiyo! i love him.. He shoots a sexy basket. i clap till my hands go blood red( more often than not its an oh-finally-he-managed-to-get-that-one clap) He turns, smiles and winks!! my dil goes hmmmm...... and i do a la la la la

but there is a flip side.. i tell him you are awesome he says, this love has taken its toll on me, you said goodbye too many times before.. Guilty as charged i stand. head down but heart full.
yes iam mad.. If love isnt madness, it aint love!! profound thought.. not mine of course, iam too pre occupied with you know what duh!!

Its so cool to just be happy and float in this feeling and wish for it to last forever.. he he ya right, aur koi kaam nahi hai kya?? trust me thats how it is. like a see saw, up once and down again! Life is a game after all, isnt it!?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Rahul!!

I love this guy. i really do. He turns 33 today. phew!! The first time i saw him play was in 1996, i remember, i was small ( like i am big now!) and pretty ( goes without saying) that cover drive with the full face of the bat! four runs and i was waiting to see the dude, cursing the cameramen who never show what i wanna see but just the repeated highlights of the ball going to the boundary! now tats door darshan for you in star sports!! And finally that tiny head (with loads of grey matter, mind you) and an extremely well groomed, decent looking lad, who had i-am-nothing-but-a-nice-guy written all over the Wall... and there i go!! i wouldn call it a crush and make it sound like just one of my numerous drool episodes, this was the ultimate.. i love it jus love it, when we beat the English in their own backyard, still chanting, Simon go back!!
Trust me nothing gives me a high, than watching those who ruled over us for 200 f ing years, lose in their own game!! and he scores a century on debut.

I can go on and on about him and never stop ever. but its not only love, but also respect. I did not fall for him because he was or rather is 'cute' but because he has extraordinary patience and exemplary talent and most importantly a firm head on his shoulders. you might say what about sachin tendulkar?? i like him too, have always, will always, considering he plays with the heaviest bat in the world and manages to create and break records in a span of a blinking second is a feat in itself. his shots are handsome and he is humble to the core.

But this post is dedicated to the man who stuck to the book, literally!! never losing hope ever. dropped out of the one day team, who is the captain now??!! howzzat??!!

Happy Birthday Rahul! For the world you might be the Wall, but for me YOU ROCK!!

Say Cheeeeese!!!

Click!! And there goes our Snap!! should i call myself over ambitious or simply outta my mind?? SNAP test man!! why cant they just let us get into Symbi? i know choti choti aankhein aur bade bade sapne.. forty da forty. che sharam aani chahiye. Armed with a pen which i rhought was mightier than the sword and my unprepared little brain, i went with all the guts in the world to write a national exam and not to mention the undeniable hope to clear it! what the... f was i thinking??

you know what, i used to always hate my snaps when they used to get 'developed' (atleast somewhere) now i know why!! pun intended.. i wanna get into symbi!!
never mind.. i should have just listened to my bro when he said just get married!!!
ya right! send me a snap of the dude first and see what negative markin i give! bloody!!
You dont have to be in Symbiosis Institute Of mass communication to be able to give Negative marks. screw you screw you. wish i could tell the people ibn symbi what they have lost!!!
but winners never quit and quiterrs never win!! someday the world will see in the newspaper, my SNAP!!! wait and watch! ha

Coming of Age

Did you know the Japanese have a coming-of-age holiday? So, every year, the second Monday of January is a national holiday to celebrate...