Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Room No. 109...

"Father i wanna do journalism... only in Christ and nowhere else".. Father gives me his ever famous dont- you -know- who -you -are- talking -to look.. I take a step backwards. Still determined to change his mind.. His penetrating eyes look into my application form as i hit myself once more for that screwed up hand writing. He frowns " Mount carmel is a good college". I reluctantly agree, " yes father but too many girls". i say with all the innocence i could manage to find!

And the rest is history! no sorry, Psychology! wink

That was my passport to enter JPEng room no. 109, my home-to-be for three years. How do i sum it up in a few words? ( i suck at maths ) where do i begin from, gosh i always had a starting problem!

Naresh Sir.. a complete man (no he doesn wear raymond) Walking encyclopedia and someone i have grown to love, adore, respect and admire. Never seen someone so humble and down to earth, never mind his height!! ya, whatever!

Anu.. My best friend! so similar yet different! from drooling over guys to bitching about them, from KFC to shine, from poetry to lovelorn songs, from being a rebel to losing control( you know what i mean) we have done it all! Sobbing together opposite the island cos apparently life was being a bitch! eating frankie and naming the drooling dog you know what! Shit! cant believe its all over. thanks for being there. love ya woman! We shall die together! Crazy Nuts

Boms.. Bald and the Handsome! every thing suits you dude. You are awesome. Were always there whenever i needed a boulder to cry on!! Saale sudhar ja.. Will never forget how we used to plan and irritate people! partners in crime!! Thanks for just being there.

Shashank.. Its the time to disco!! our first movie together and the rest is tragedy!! he he every minute spent with you was hmm.. umm... like a rollercoaster ride! We hold the record for maximum number of battles fought, won and lost!! But the point is we are still going strong... So what if we cant play cards?? we can get the rebound and shoot a three pointer all at the same time! apun dono dost! sorry for the crap and thanks for being there when you were not needed! he he

Snehu.. Birds of the same feather flock together.. or was it casablanca! Sorry for ruining Dc team! i was the 'DUMB' part of the game! whole lot of fun! lot of gadbad, some loose connections some disformed ideas some assumptions but at the end of the day we are part of the same team!! so wont miss you he he

Jena.. mad or what! i have a whole post dedicated to you, not writing anymore! you taught me the biggest lesson of my life. Thanks for everything.i owe you a lot, most of all an apology. forgetting you would be instant death! aha big words for someone who is already self obsessed! love ya.

Many more to go.. too overwhelmed with emotion. I thought i wouldn miss college but look at me! Cant tell you guys how much you mean to me! lack of words sorry! poor vocab!
Last but not the least thanks to Fr. V without whose patience and tolerance "WE" wouldn have been possible!! So lucky to have met you all, had no choice actually.

You taught me that its really not 'a friend in need is a friend indeed' a friend in greed would be more like it!!

Three years.....
Heart Breaks
Leg Breaks
RAng de..
Basket Ball
Cricket ( the opposition had NO BALLS to face defeat, so we did!! )
Shine ( Cheta oru chaya)
Cultural analysis ( zzzzzzzzz...zzzz ik choti si long story)
Jasmines and Marigolds ( what the....)
Ass you like it....
Brave macbethththt
NCC and RD
Kiosk cheta
book shop uncle
post-modernism ( mr. anil pinto rocks)
oh my mazza!
BU results! ( this shall never pass)
Class trip ?
Again love
Again heart break
but still hoping for the best.......
Thats the spirit of being a christite! so march on!!

PS: did you know the frequently asked question in christ college campus is Wassup? you know why? with heads held high..... sorry sad joke .. and heart so strong!!

hey next class in room no. 109! we so wish!


Anonymous said...

hopeless girl should have known that u will botch this up also you always give big talk that u remember all mobile no but the journo room no is 109 you have lost ur touch but still a blog is a blog


Tsu said...

sniff sniff... so beautiful da!! i cant get mysdelf to write a post on college... i know wuld suck!! with the senti crap!! shit cnt believe its over... love ya gal/... and was 209 on purpose...

moi said...

super super post... felt for.... especailly wen you got the room no wrong... hehehe... its 109.
imagine how short u must have been to have difficulty reading that no that we read day after day after day.....
u little piece of shit.:)

goldenash said...

u made me cry!!! three years...three glorious years. and although i never loved naresh as much as everyone else did, i miss 109! godddd....i have so many great memories...esp sleeping in the last bench every single journo class!!! much i hated tuesdays and wednesdays...those double periods! shitttttttttttttttt! i wish i could turn back time!


Me Thinks.. said...

hey i wish i could turn back time too!
and the 109 209 mess was on purpose like my tsu figured out and only she could!! stupid people!!

maximus said...

hmmmm.... coming across a post like this in UR blog is not a surprise. well like that realisation rather self-realisation that U R SELF-OBSESSED. some things never change.. and maybe shouldnt change.

i always keep saying that if 'good' times lasts forever then what would we cherish?? apart from this its just a phase like so many others which will pass and probably mould us for good.

right now we all can cry, blush , laugh and talk bout coll. what matters most is if we really do something later on to make these three years worthwhile.... only then can we feel the fulfillment that once upon a saddy we were students of christ...

GLADIATOR signing off...

moontalk said...

hey u missed out goa! ;)
well, everyone's been senti, cried over it, philosophised.i bloody wrote some 3 posts bout it, NOT GONNA CRY NOMORE!
but i wanna do dc again...lose again
drink maaza that u made bhomi pay for again...
go for that movie...
drool over that guy...
scandalise ppl at indian expresss...
i wanna live all those momments again...
shit!sneha condrolll

aswin said...

dai.. didnt give acknowledgement to the 4 boys // :(... hehe... good blog.. keep it up .. i mean just keep it .. don write anythin more.. hehe.. kidding man.. take care..

Arun Pillai said...

ha ha .. that was an awesome post.while i read through,just dug up my gud school/college times.Anyways,the pick of this post is abt that complete man (who doesn't wear raymond).Enjoyed surfin and keep up gud work ...

~Happy Blogging

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