Sunday, March 04, 2012

Tying the NOT

I am quite disturbed. And I know only one place to rant: Here. I dont want to get married. I will, when I feel like it. Simple? Not really.

My family seems to think its their duty to get me married off. It's my right to choose who and when I want to marry. I dont live in Afghanistan.

There's a ceremony going on in my house as I write this. Primarily to get me a groom, because apparently I am not getting any. Luck isn't on my side or I am not fortunate enough which is why marriage-god has been evading me. So I was asked to hold some flowers--and say stuff like "Please find a boy for me quickly," or "may I get married soon " --offer it to the nine planets to get me married off quickly.

Every situation, every gathering, every outing is based on this one thing: When am I getting married? When I am tying the knot? Its none of anybody's business. But mine.

 I am not able to digest being treated like I have a disease. Is my not wanting to marry such a big problem?

Every morning I have to garland Lord Ganesha--I have been doing this for the last two days. I dont mind doing it just like that, but I was asked to do it for 45 days to get a groom quickly. Am I nothing if I am not married? What the hell has age got to do with marriage? Yes, I am in my late 20s but that doesn't mean I should get married just because I am getting old.

We prostrate after and during every big ceremony. It's respecting elders. But the elders are biased. When my cousin and I prostrated they said "Get married soon!" but when my brother did they blessed him thus, "Do well at work, may you get promoted!"

Well, I need a promotion too!! I want to do well at work too.

There's too much anger inside me right now. I am tired of this marriage business like its the only thing that defines my existence. There are other people in my family, like my cousin in Mumbai, who's two months older. Nobody is bothered about her marriage, why? The don't have an answer.

I decide when I want to share my life with someone, let someone enter my private space. I love myself too much to give up this freedom to choose just because the world wants me married.

Some more marriage talk and more jokes about it, and I'll lose it.

This post is going to hurt my family but their actions are hurting me.Each passing day.

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