Sunday, September 24, 2006

Oh My God!!

When I was small I used to imagine going to heaven, but I was told that I need to behave to be able to qualify myself to gain entry into the gates of the gods. I used to think God is this blue coloured dude( ujala vala blue) armed with weapons to kill the demons(asuras) and the only person on earth, I mean, outside earth or wherever he is supposed to exist, allowed to have many wives!! I was like wow! this guy has loads of power..
Every function at home used to mean, new clothes, family and delicacies that will make your mouth water for ages.. But then as I started this very addictive process of thinking, I couldn understand why certain 'things' were done in a certain way. I could never get a convincing answer. I found it very difficult to do something or be part of something I did not believe in, by force or otherwise. My family understands.
Navratri starts today. My friends are fasting. The concept is hard for me to comprehend. Fasting according to naturopathy and so many other things is advisable and should be done at times, but if it is done cos you wanna please god or 'bribe' him to grant your wish, there is no point. Food is important, no two ways bout it. The one meal that you willfully forego can feed a whole family that lives below the poverty line. Why not give it to them, if you are in a position to chose whether or not to eat! They have been fasting from the time they were born. None of them have achieved salvation yet!
In the morning I was told to sing the 'aarti'. I like the tune, the way it sounds but it really doesn make sense to me. I dint wanna hurt P so i went on with the proceedings. I can talk to god whenever I want, pre-bath,post-bath or during! He is probably the only person who knows me in and out.. Thats cos its me. Iam god! Sounds extremely ambitious but true. Another thing P doesn let me do is putting the pen in my mouth..I agree its a bad habit.No, disgusting. She said you shouldn do it cos goddess saraswati exists in the pen! And I thought it was the refill that makes it work.
What exactly is mythology? If myth is the antonym for fact, then why does it have such a strong hold on our minds? Why do we keep going back to it? Why has it become an excuse for us to create pollution in the pretext of diwali? Just because a mythological character returned back to where he belonged we fill our lungs with smoke.. as if cigarettes were'nt enough.
Everything is man-made. Even the concept of God. I believe in Nirguna Nirakara Brahma. God doesn look like Rama or Krishna. God looks like u and me. Actually he looks like nothing. Wht does nothing look like? Is he male or female? (I ve'nt heard anyone saying Oh My Goddess!) Well, this is just another concept. Now that the blue colour dude I used to watch on Tv(too much make up can kill the almighty) is angry with my blasphemous behaviour, looks like Iam not going to heaven! Damn I need to fast.. Oh My God!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Long time, no post!

Once upon a time.. i used to post and post and post.. now looks like the post-all dept. is on strike! Weird how life can get so busy that you have to make time to take a deep breath in and breathe out!! who would wanna know what i have been upto? ( other than being upto no good, that is!)..
Nothing much actually. Well, if you insist:

* Got a culture shock a month back

* Found myself in the midst of eight equally weird gals and well, three 'boys'

*Sharing everything from bedrooms to bathrooms

*Getting used to the fact that gals aren that bad after all..

*Gossiping! yuck! what am i turning into?

*Crying away to glory for no apparent reason

*Controlling temper and breaking lose! all in a day's work

*Dealing with proxy response, artificial intelligence sucks!

*Editing to an extent that you end up editing all your grey cells and yourself..

*Malayalam is our national language.. They are like hutch! network follows wherever I go!

*Learning that Alcohol is an important and integral part of journalism!

*Meeting old friends and feeling shit, its been so long! talking bout irritating bosses and incompetent teachers!

*Expecting to see "1 message received" on my not-so-mobile-phone!

*Getting used to the above mentioned statement not happening!

*Missing home sweet home! its toug when your family lives in the backyard and you are just there but not really!

*Finding a confidante in someone i thought i would never get along well with..

*Cursing telepathy and increasing frequency of similar wavelengths.. Indiviuality seizing to exist!

*Watchin chupke chupke! Just like that... Chupke chupke!

*fighting for a cause, as apt as 'there is no salt in my food'! or who took two katorees? why is there no roti left! people, eat with spoons!

*Consoling people and feeling happy that i managed to!

*Dressing up for a page 3 party! Skirts are so not me!

*Telling a guy he is cute! (sigh)

*Feeling extremely happy that someone finally messaged and forgetting the world at the wrong time!

All that and much more. Hostel life aint that easy, but then who said life is?! I am living with the world's most weirdest and sweetest people..a series of ego clashes and temper tantrums ago, i thought I dont belong here! Now i cant think of a place i belong which Idiot was singing 'mohe bhool gaye savariya?!!' Lage raho... (wink)

*P.S Life is like that!!

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