Saturday, December 23, 2006


The reason for this post is evident from the title.. But it is even more important at this point of time as amma turns another year young! (She just told me to switch off the TV, by the way)

So, aaj se kaafi saal pehle, inka janam hua tha aur inke kaaran hamara.. Unnecessary, but Iam too self centered.. But what to do, she gave the world what it needed at the right time.. Modesty aint my cup of tea.. I digress..

At the break of dawn, she wakes up and makes tea, without sugar these days, and drinks. if you thought you would get some pati vrata types, you are terribly mistaken..Appa thankfully understands. She is someone who every other person looks up to, age no bar. She is like the friend,philosopher,guide for those who have lost their way..

Our sir in college once asked us to write five lines about mother. My first line was "she cooks yummy food", welcome to a PG student's communication theory notebook. Well, she does cook like herself! which is comparison. Now that I live in a hostel, I miss her dosas big time, crisp,roasted..heaven served in a platter.

My second line was " She buys me clothes".. Nope, I hate shopping. But whenever I run outta the 'appropriate' clothes for a girl, she decides for a wardrobe malfunction! But the point is, we like the same things, so no fighting in front of the salesman..

My third line read " She is beautiful" .. That she is. where do you think I got it from, Fair and Lovely? I feel good when ppl say I look like her, actually I dont.. Men still drool when we go out to eat, not at the food of course! Very photogenic I must add. She is beautiful inside as well. VERY.....

My fourth line went something like " She sings like a nightingale" ..You should listen to Baabuji dheere chalna.. If your jaw doesnt touch the floor and your eyes remain wide open instead of going into semi meditation, I will renounce the world..Thats what she is all about. When she sings you will forget Worldspace. I mean it.

My fifth line was " She loves to work" ..always on her toes, running around with her tiny feet, she has reached places where ppl can only imagine or dream of.. She is an achiever. Someone who took everything in her stride and never let us feel like we did not have things others had. Material or otherwise. Very strong woman, an idol of sorts..

I wrote those five lines, while the rest of the class wrote stuff like, 'I miss her', 'she takes care of me', 'I can say anything to her', 'she is like my friend'...etc etc...
I wondered, I feel the same things but why could I never write, let alone tell her that I love her??

Maybe because she is annoying at times! Check this out:
Me: hi
Ma:late again..How many times have I told you to come home at six? (trust me, when she looks at you, eyes spitting fury, it seems like she knows what you have been upto, guilt or gut, she does know)

Me: How many times have I told you I cant. I have work. (basket ball and shine )
Ma: I dont know what college this is..blah blah blah...when are you ever gonna realise...some more blah

Phone rings. I walk away with it.
Ma: Pah! This phone also. This house is like a dharamshala for you, you come to sleep and eat. Iam gonna throw that mobile of yours.
Me: no response..

Not anymore..

Now that I dont live with her, I want someone to scold me when I come late, to ask if I have eaten, to wake me up (even if it means ramdev maharaj ka yoga lessons..chalega) just be there.

I love you and care for you. Sorry for behaving like an idiot at times(beti kiski hai), I do miss all those conversations we have had about people, abt places and abt life.. I hate to admit but you do make sense.. Aapki hindi buri nahi hai!! he he
Thanks for everything and most importantly for giving me my name...

Maaa... Aaj Khush tho bahut hoge tum..;) (Amitabh Bachchan style)

"Happy Birthday" ;)...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Where Cocos Dare!

1:00 AM- Script done. members of grp. 4 heave a sigh of relief! Venue: Richa's Bed

1:30 AM- Gossip and bitching time!! Venue: My bed

Realisation dawns, tired eyes beg for sleep... Head says" woman! go to bed, you need to get up early!" Alarm set for 5, with utmost reluctance. ipod stares, calling out to be heard, I overlook it.
Push ppl outta my abode of dreams and nightmares, read that one msg that makes life beautiful, not once not twice but several times over. Smile at the fact that the someone misses you!! Eyes close..

5.00 AM-Alarm, no, irritaing alarm screams as my ear drum vibrates and I curse...It finally 'dawned' on me that I need to make some noise in order to wake up the others from thier long siesta!
Cut to Jayanagar 4 t block..clad in jackets, two hooded, one with no head no hood (yours truly!) We catch a rick to the bus stop, the dude drives like there is no tomorrow for either of us!
Anyway, Cut to bus stop. Sole bus standing, no sign of civilization. We spot the driver and ask him if the gaadi goes to madiwala, to our surprise he smiles! (Drivers and conductors in Karnataka smiling, that too this early in the morning, is a sign alien to non-natives) The dude says, take 660 c, it will take you directly to bommanahalli.. Our ultimate destination..

Oh by the way, we are on our way to this place called bommanahalli(boms henceforth), as part of our reccee for our docu! (sorry, delayed lead) in search of coconut mandi! coconut water vs aerated drinks being our topic...

So, this smile vala driver drops us off to another bus stop (dint take money from us, three girls going to coconut mandi in the wee hours of the morning is a rare sight! therefore...)To our own surprise, 660 c stops right in front of us! brush with luck...

We get in and first question Bhavu(thats what shriju calls her) asks and the one that only she could have asked" Kitni der lagegi paunchne mein? Thodi der so jao kya?" I nod. We reach. walk walk walk.. I yap on abt christ college and poor kids had no other choice but to listen to my excited and animated version of the pondi my voice trails and stomach aches..we realise we have come too far, coconut?!

Being inquisitive and lost helps..We ask for directions , as every other person we meet directs us to either the main road or well, to some place that is back of beyond. We take diversion, walk back and turn left.. Coconuts! some more, many more, LOTS!

Too happy with ourselves, like we discovered a new sea route to Venice, we walk faster towards this massive habitation of coconuts.. Bhavu says in her trademark tone "Apun hai na, yahan pe aise shoot karenge"... As the eyes of those innocent coco sellers widen at the word shoot and they tighten their grip over the long weird looking killer weapon that they use to chop coco heads..

We are surrounded by these coco sellers, asking us what we want. "Hum film banane aaye hai" adds Devi.. They all pounce. Multi lingual attack.. We take two steps backwards.. "Hindi a? Kannada?" We say in unison " English." feeling a tad guilty..

My stomach ache returns as my mouth waters, what with so many cocos around! Almost sensing it, the dude asks, "kitna hona?" again we say in chorus "teen,three,muru" Not guilty.. ;)
Free cocos, free cocos! We drink, talk to the dude and walk back with a sense of accompolishment! of what? I have no clue.. Nor do I wanna make sense outta the whole deal.
Somethings are better left like that..

8:00 AM- back to the hostel.. sleep like a log. to get up and blog!
Dream of the docu, hope it comes out well....It better..For we went to some godforsaken place where only cocos dare!!
Apun hai na ab yehi pe shoot karenge!! ;)

Friday, December 01, 2006

DON (t) watch it..

After a lot of deliberation and hardwork ( getting these girls outta the hostel 'properly clothed and made up' is a task, in a theatre the only light that falls on you is from the screen, and nobody is paying to look at you, I fail to understand the 'getting decked up for the movie' part)..we went to watch DON, well the remake..

So we enter, ads and more ads..I wait for that thing they put, that certificate saying Don (colour).. First scene, damn what was the first scene...hmmm..chunkey pandey and some other half-actor with Shahrukh khan, in a round table conference.. while my friend says 'yaar ye banda door se chunkey pandey lag raha hai', the whole row laughs, not cos of SRK's one liners, but cos of the innocence with which the question was posed!

Well polished furniture, amazing cars, skyscrapers et al.. what else would you expect, it was malaysia or singapore or some such place.. The remake part as far as technology is concerned, they did a brillaint job, using a dvd instead of a diary which holds info abt all the underworld bigwigs was a treat for the eyes..even though we were more often than not, reminded of the Tuxedo and Matrix! Action was pretty good, some dialogues were witty. SRK is a natural humourist so thats that. There was one scene just after khaike paan banaraswala... it!

That reminds me, the songs!!! Integral part of Indian cinema.. ye mera dil pyar ka deewana! Kareena Kappoor flaunting all she has.. and she has too much to fit into 70mm..Pathetic, she was all over SRK in a million star hotel, in some golden tunic like thingie... i could hear myself snoring.. Helen and kareena, are you kidding me?! sorry but i just couldn take.. there was one ganapathi bappa song to introduce this other Don (in the original, the original Don dies and this other Amitabh enters) so this 'other' Don is called Vijay(same as my Don) i cant help but see Amitabh all over the screen, unfortunately for me, I remember every piece of clothing on him, so vividly that it hurts!!

Anyway, Khaike paan baraswala sounded like please dont eat paan ever! choreography was terrible, SRK looked like he was milking a cow and then mixing sugar! reverse angle.. oh the disco song which was replacement for main hoon don, is not even worth a mention.. aaj ki raat it seems!

The story was obviously the same, remake ke naam pe dhabba..Amitabh Bachchan cannot be replaced, in a remake or in KBC.. Biased? yes Iam.. if you give me a shoddy painting and say this is modern art when I have seen a masterpiece, I would not even spit on you..why waste it?

I might seem too harsh, but Farhan dint expect this from you, SRK couldn do much, his humour, his timing more like it, steals the show. Boman Irani again doesn dissapoint you, versatility personified. Someboby explain what Isha Koppikar and Priyanka Chopra were trying to do, definitely not acting.. I could actually see the director saying CUT!

So considering my expert advice and wisdom and this unbiased review of sorts I hope none of you would waste your precious hard earned money to go take a beauty nap, or be oblivious of the world in your siesta..
Mr. Bachchan I missed you terribly.. every scene, every sequence, every shot.. I could see, hear, feel only you....

Is Don ko sehna mushkil hi nahin, namumkin hai!!
Till later, DON' (T) watch it...

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