Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding...

College day came and went. Dint realise it would get over so fast. i danced i danced !! Cant thank San enough for bringing us all together. Rang de basanti to lose control, man what an awesome journey and check out the overwhelming response. "can i make a suggestion?", " We can do like, one more time", "i wanna dance for Ari Ari" all this and more. San would shout and scream at the top of his voice " people shut up, you girls talk too much" how much time does it take to put steps for lose control?" And how much time did you guys take for ari ari?? saala faltu mein chillata hai!

Oh those addayein for kajrare, i had to practice in front of the mirror in my loo some thousand times to be able to get that so called prostituty look. But it was fun. Though i was told to behave myself several times by our beloved choreographer even though it was never my mistake( not always, come on man!) People told me i dance like a guy!! Its so much easier, trust me! just bite your lower lip and shake your head, thats all. On the final day, frankly speaking i was shit scared. Group hugs were doing the rounds backstage. Prayers, "all the best", have fun and all those words in the background just bounced off my head, but got registered somewhere. As soon as our team name was announced, i sensed a weird 'sensation' in my stomach, gulp!!
my throat was dry.

Its dark. I wait for Danny to enter from the other side, she is waiting for me!! oh god! Someone pushed me and i obediently walked on stage. Smoke and darkness. Ding ding ding ding ding ding... After that i dont remember a thing. Crowd went crazy.. They were howling, i was like screw everything. even if i make a mistake iam not gonna stop for anything in the world!! What enjoyment, what fun. seriously i had the time of my life. we got a standing ovation! can you beat that? Post-performance, group hugs, " you guys rocked". "you looked so cute on stage", " you guys are the best"! All the hard work paid off. Then we started getting offers to perform on different occassions and even if we dint we invited ourslves to perform. All for the love of dance.

For me it was a dream come true to dance in college before i leave. A cherished memory. My dance team rocks! Thanks guys. Wish we had done this earlier.

Oh i danced for Ari Ari finally! And also with my very good friend who loves dancing as much as i do but would never come for practice sessions!! At the end of it all, i wish for more. just some more time.... Imagine hours and hours of practice for a seven minute sexy performance which rocks the crowd and gets them on their feet, what more can we ask for? I started with a colourful-all-is-well song, went on to become a sexed up prostitute(slut is the word), became a rebel!! all in one go. Aha! experience. Good josh people.

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