Friday, March 27, 2009

Of 5 Ws and The H

"Virtualization?" I said.

The auto guy looked at me and blinked. He had every reason to faint, but this one belonged to Bangalore, nothing can ever shake them.

Not even my tech jargon. Reading a story late at night, I was all ready to edit it and give it a cool headline and stuff, basically I was just doing my job, but I was way too involved that when I went down looking for an auto, I told the guy to take me to 'Virtualization' and not Richmond Circle -- my 'real' destination.

Work, sometimes can get to you.

And other things like backache! My back is just killing me, which is another reason why I couldn't get my ass down here to post. My apologies.

I've been watching a lot of news these days, yes I know, its my job and I should be in-the-know.. and I also found how interested I was to know. Which I think is a great thing because it just makes our lives so interesting and because there are so many interestingly weird people out there, making a fool of themselves. Its a relief to know that I am not alone.

With the elections frenzy catching up, and jaago re campaigns doing the rounds, and everybody standing for elections from Mallika Sarabhai to Capt. Gopinath, this is gonna be fun.

And its also wonderful to see people wanting to get rid of the bullshit around them. I want to too.

But I am confused. I wanna vote, but not for Congress, nor for the BJP. Somewhere in me I wanna vote for Capt. Gopinath. He contested the Lok Sabha elections in '94 on a BJP ticket and lost. Now he is standing as an independent. I wanna vote for him.

And I think there are a few people like me, especially first-time voters, who are as confused as I am. We wanna vote, we want change, but its so important to select the right guy. How do we know when you don't trust anyone? By giving them a chance maybe?

I was watching an NDTV show the other day, it had Sachin Pilot who was eye-candy, of course, and very articulate. I liked the way he answered questions from the audience. He was quite confident of all that he said, the uncomfortable bit too. He is Congress! Why cant we make him the Prime Minister?

Are we narrow minded in judging people by the party they belong to and not as individuals? Because they carry their party's ideology?

And what about the majority of the 'janta' that lives below the poverty line? Shouldnt the Jaago Re campaign go rural? And what about those who live in skyscrapers, blissfully unaware of ground realities? Well, the Taj attacks should have woken them up. Hopefully.

I really dont know what I am so angry about! Politics, people or just me. I think I am just another confused, frustrated, angry Indian. But someone who wants to vote.

And someone who's glad to be on the other side -- asking questions.

Sometimes, way too many... maybe I should go back to virtualization.

So where was I?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Watch This Space

Every day. Everyday I would think I have to write, I tell myself life is so interesting, I should talk about it.

And thats all I do -- just talk to myself about it. When I used to be a 'frequent' blogger or should I say 'avid', words would just pour out of nowhere, like there was a part of me just made to write.

Tap, tap, tap on the keyboard, distinguished letters strung together making a meaningful sentence. I would read my old posts and smile. because that was me.

Now, when I go back in time, I feel like those stories were written by someone else. Like these were experiences weirdly mine, but not really. And I am dying to go back to the person I knew.

Have I changed? I don't know. I still want to tell a story, share an experience, write about stuff that makes sense, and more importantly, stuff that doesn't.


And I want to write well. Its something I've always enjoyed. I am so stupid to let go of it. I just stopped caring about something I love so much. Something that's second to none.


At least, one post every week. Yes, I will.

Like the ads in my magazine say: Watch this space! ;)

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