Saturday, July 22, 2006

..And Terror Alone Triumphs..

“Har musalmaan aathankvadi nahi hota, par har athaankvadi musalmaan kyon hota hai? Jaago Hindustan Jaago.. think about this and spread the message. Hindu Yuvasena Bangalore.” I got this message on my mobile from one of my brother’s friends. I was agitated to an extent I cant explain. I replied “ Stop it. Those who died were not Hindus or Muslims but people of a nation. INDIANS, If u do call yourself educated, behave like one” ..But anger doesn’t help.

Hundreds dead, scores injured, and counting. A week after Mumbai bomb blast, the city is living in fear. Fear of being blown into pieces, fear of losing someone, fear of death, fear of life itself! “Jinko jaana tha vo tho chale gaye, ab hume kisi tarah guzaara karna hoga “says a hapless relative of a victim. Acceptance of brutality of fate or approval of bereavement as a way of life? Be it the floods, the blasts or the maximum city being termed as the rudest, Mumbai has heard and seen all and continues to do so, a la Srinagar..

Butchered and scarred, the city of dreams is turning into a nightmare. Mumbaikars have taken everything in their stride and braved it all. But for how long? Our prime minister addresses the nation and says “we will not kneel down to this terrorist outrage” Kneel down? We are dead and lying. The international community( influence of which is visible in the nomenclature of the tragedy, 7/11 it seems) by way of the G-8 summit condemns the attacks. What else can they do? The elected representatives (well some of them were pseudo-elected, others self-elected), group of 8 of so-called developed and developing countries in an air conditioned room deciding the providence of billions around the world is impotent to say the least.

Seven bombs and countless deaths, yet no questions asked no answers given. Debates after debates, thousand discussions but no conclusion. Blame it on intelligence failure (?) or terrible governance or corrupt bureaucrats there is and never will be any accountability for anything. “war against terror” coined by Bush sounds like just another word game. Country has gone to the dogs, who are biting away the very foundation of civilization. Unfortunately, no vaccine available, other than hoping against hope…


pRicky said...

so now three posts(u, tsu, me) abt anger against the blasts.
but if truth be told its more the desperation we experience

Me Thinks.. said...

@pricky..yeah thats true, and frustration of not being able to bring about any sort of constructive change..

FaNcyPaNtS said...

i swear....! don know why pple catagorise themself into diff religion, and i swear most of them are the educated one's cuz they think they are too smart and brainy and only they are capable of having such ideas.... thu....!!! on those pple who think this way