Monday, July 24, 2006

Enga Di 'A' ?

The following conversation took place in three languages, broken english, chinese like tamil but dominated by hindi.. In other words I was in one of my talkative modes. My grandmother…hmmm granny, no dadi..I shall just stick to Paatima, was too lazy to go to school when she was young, they used to run away to the fields and play with the boys( now I know where I got that from!) So cool! I used to think until…

Shift to Comp room.. I am sitting with the orkut home page cursing everyone who is not online and some buggers who are. Answering new age questions like “ Will you do the friendship with me? I am working in MNC, read your very nice profile, sadhana what is your good name?” Now that’s some (S) crap!! Who the hell gave him naukri in a MNC? Wonder if he even knows the full form.. Sometimes I am so tempted to say…never mind I digress.. As soon as I drag the mouse to delete, I see a wrinkled hand going towards the key board, from the corner of my eye.. “Enga di A? ( where is A) I want to write A B C D”.. I look at her ageing but ever so beautiful face and say with an air of authority “ Not now”.. Cos I am monitoring the launch of Discovery you see! She gives me an expression which says “ How rude”…

Me: Sorry ek minute..I disconnect the internet and open Word..
P: Enga di A?
Me: yahan oru daram click pannu.. ( just click once)
P: (Obediently) Hmmm..
She is about to click on S thinking its B, I demonstrate disapproval.. She plays around the keyboard and presses B.. murmuring why these people cant arrange letters in order..
Me: Ah! Good..C enga?
P: I know C..Click
Me: ok D? takes time but gets it right.. This tuition continues successfully till she reaches R which looks like K.. A quizzical frown takes over her lined forehead. As she does ini meanie mina moe.. and gives the benefit of doubt to K..Presses without waiting for a signal..
P: Enaku ellam teriyum! ( I know everything)
Me: Nahi vo galat hai.. one more chance
P: Hmmm…ok.. forces down on R.. rest all till Z correct under my supervision..
Me: Very good. Now phir se ezhudu (write again)
P: ( gazing at me with a shocked look, the triumphant one doing the vanishing act!) “Not Now” she giggles her heart out and walks out..

Like a graduate..satisfied with a sense of achievement…A feeling she managed to manifest in five minutes…It took me several years in school and three years in college to call myself one in the black cloak.. Enga di A?


pRicky said...

ha ha
wonderfully cute.
ur pati is really cute

Tsu said...

awwwww... ure paati is damn cute ya!!! and yippe paati did some major comp work!!! better than the mr.MNC... doesnt he know its ABC??? tel him to ask paati...!!!

moontalk said...

ha ha!i love ur paati da!
keep wondering who u turned up like this ;)
n talking bout MNC scrap, wateve happend to opus? :D

Suzie said...

extremely cute :)

moi said...

shit,,, the post is so ccute!!!! i want to see pattiamma. tell her she is very popular among us here:)

Jonnie said...

I'm getting used to the word Paati myself too ;) ... after addressing their kind as Ammamma and Ammuma

Reema Banerjee said...

CHO CHWEET! damn, i missed meeting her when she came down!
and kudos to u girl, where do u get words like those froem???

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