Friday, October 27, 2006


A song half sung
A light lit dim
An unheard beat
A story begins...

Dawn to dusk
Dusk to dawn
Life is just
Destiny's pawn

Journey of a mule,
burdened back
Hunching past ghosts
in a ghastly, stuffed back

Sack opens
brewing memories fall
Then, here,now...dazed and lost

Oblivious of the cacophony
Rantling in my head
A constant question
An ignored thought

A call to summon
loud loud noise
Background beckons
tempting voice

I chose to be
I chose not to see
Remain forever
Dazed in glee....


mystupendoussalvation said...

Hey! nice poem buddy wat else i can say to a perfectionist yup! else u knw Destiny is like that only one needed a break u knw tht chotu one! get that & enjoy & explore the world for u! & Spreads ur pleasure around the world!
Have gr8! fun & keep writing I really like ur style for portraying things. Well Done.

pRicky said...

Dazed in glee...
work of an absolute genius
LOve it

Reema Banerjee said...

like it or not, u will eventually come out of it...u know dat too...right methinks? wait and see.

Tsu said...

absolutely brilliant poem exerting the right force as to hhow u are feeling!!! me thinks ure gr8!!!
snap outta it and see the beautiful world! love the sound and imagery of snap! never tot of using sounds in my poem and i think i will...

bhavna said...

life is like that, we can't change it but we can enjoy the flow and turns of life.i love the first four the half sung song is great!

Anonymous said...

Blacken your senses
Shun these tenses
Faded memories
Blind to thee.
Perhaps in glee
You chose not to see
Yet you asked,
To be... or not to be?


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