Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Say Cheeeeese!!!

Click!! And there goes our Snap!! should i call myself over ambitious or simply outta my mind?? SNAP test man!! why cant they just let us get into Symbi? i know choti choti aankhein aur bade bade sapne.. forty da forty. che sharam aani chahiye. Armed with a pen which i rhought was mightier than the sword and my unprepared little brain, i went with all the guts in the world to write a national exam and not to mention the undeniable hope to clear it! what the... f was i thinking??

you know what, i used to always hate my snaps when they used to get 'developed' (atleast somewhere) now i know why!! pun intended.. i wanna get into symbi!!
never mind.. i should have just listened to my bro when he said just get married!!!
ya right! send me a snap of the dude first and see what negative markin i give! bloody!!
You dont have to be in Symbiosis Institute Of mass communication to be able to give Negative marks. screw you screw you. wish i could tell the people ibn symbi what they have lost!!!
but winners never quit and quiterrs never win!! someday the world will see in the newspaper, my SNAP!!! wait and watch! ha

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