Wednesday, March 07, 2007


The feeling, the need, the touch
of triumph, of glory, of achievement,
of fate.

Of belief, of certainity, of faith, of destiny
of modesty, of grace
of immortality, of imagination,
of folly, of fault, of reason.

Of the flowers, the wind, the rain,
of the sun, the sea, the seasons
Of time, of money, of power
of passion, of lust, of love.
of miles and miles of nothingness.

Of living, of life, of death.
of the frailities of mankind
of the tryst in the body, the soul and the mind.

Of logic, of emotion
of the void within
of the vaccum without
of the dreams that did not see the light of the day
of reality that seems so far away.

Of all that could have been
of all that actually is
of me, of myself, of the alter ego.

Of the illusion I refuse to see
Of the illusion that is me.

PS. Penned at a boring Press conference


pRicky said...

quite productive these press conferances i see...
of strength and the will to succeed desoite all odds...
each time and then some more

Prude said...

Thank you

Me Thinks.. said...

@Pricky yeah! very true..

@Prude thank you? for what?

Reema Banerjee said...

u must attend more press conferences, especially boring ones.

Me Thinks.. said...

@reema yeah definitely! they make me think!! ;)

Tsu said...

put u in a pretty boring situation and u come out with stuff like this??? any more boring stuff and il let cha know ... great poem!

Cosmos said...

Words, Imotions, Feelings and you. A great combination of all these.
When i was visualising stray dogs and dustbins at that time you were visualising all these things. Very Good.

Prude said...

Ummm...the poem made me feel the words 'staying alive'...thats why.

Me Thinks.. said...

@ Tsu yeah pls let me know! TWT remember? Time wasting Tactics! ;)

@ Cosmos You were the first one to read it! and to debate about it so yeah, dust bins and stray dogs, not a good sight ;)

@ prude Aha!

nothin.. within said...

Now i know why ppl used to say koyale ki kahdan me hi hira milta hai... this is the best of ur poems till this time. I will sugess u one thing attend more more boring lactures while ur job i m shur i will write amazing articles for UNI
he he ;)

Preethsss said...

Man!! u get 10 comments for some thing u Penned at a boring Press conference !!! Heights !!

Vicky's world said...

yar pata nahi tha ki tum bhi dhasu likhti ho...

sach kahu toh hil gaya main....

keep on writing...

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