Thursday, May 10, 2007


It happened then,
without a warning
all of a sudden
out of the blue

When things hit you,
asking for evidence
of your existence

Claustrophobic this
very being,
inside me, deep within
scars piled up,
scathing, unseeing

Who would want to know?
Who would want to know?
This breaking news?
Any takers??

No sunshine
No drops of dew
A crack enveloped
in the fourth chamber

Complicated, Confused
wanting to reveal
the purpose of survival
in every new reel

who would want to know?
who would want to know?
This breaking news?
Any takers??

Any takers??


pRicky said...

this is breaking news
and that too
The question is what is it that is being broken...

is news really??
couldnt have imagined that a poetry can be written about the subject but rest assured it is now a living entity

Prude said...

Good times are always round the corner :) All your good friends would want to be takers...give them a shot!!

Anand Sarolkar said...

Feel like calling you "Journopoet".
Nicely Written!

Tsu said...

wow!!! i second anand on the journopoet concept!!!
novelty always has takers and the similarity is that both are stored at the back of ure head,pushed aside but never forgotten!!!
watta thought MT!!! lovely!
hats off to u!

nothin.. within said...

u were right "Mumbai aur Delhi poet bana deti hai.." i loved the lines
No sunshine
No drops of dew
A crack enveloped
in the fourth chamber

Cosmos said...

People always want to no Breaking news. NICE line and more than that the topic.

Good One.

angelofdusk said...

there's more than the news thats being broken to this one MT!! trust me with being a genuine taker!! nothing couldve been so personal yet so public!! kudos

Reema Banerjee said...

so u realise just what i did.
congrats, join the club...suddenly those bylines do not matter.

it was fun being a freelance...journalism killed a lot more than just time

no takers, honey, no intelligent man who is a regular reader spends not over 15 minutes on an average on a paper, they told us at work...who cares a f*&^ for the name that wrote...who cares a f*&^ when the day has passed...

but we do it nevertheless, honey, we do. the world must go on. the play must go on. climax and otherwise, are necessary.

gosh, i wrote all dat...shows how much i have missed writing in this no-frills world of mine...havent i? havent u?

hehe, sadie...arent u?

Vicky's world said...

nice lines ! Pleasure to read such lines.....

Keep it up

vidi said...

i see you are having "fun" at new work!!! journopoet indeed! :)

Kots said...

I read ur block. Its good. I am kottairaj.. I know ur Mummy very well.

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