Monday, July 02, 2007

Some Random Crap

Crap can mean a lot of things. It can mean crap as in literally crap or crap as in anything that one feels is crap-like! Definitely not making sense. But that what this post is about...
Some random crap...


2 months in Delhi. UNI in this not-so-beautiful-world. Life felt like it was never like that!
I just wanted it to get over cos what UNI gives you besides tasty subsidised halwa, is a world of disguised unemployment leading to frustration and dehydration due to delhi heat.


Back to bangalore. College beckons. People all seem new and different. Getting back to books, back to student mode, after a stint as an employee of a 'prestigious' organisation was more difficult than I thought. Friends or rather a friend made all the difference. Thanks. had you not been there I would have broken down.


Exams done away with. College over. MT post graduate... Still not all that wiser though. Just another degree old.. Its getting hot in here! ;)
Convocation day, came and went... No invocation song, inspite of hours of practise...The MC forgot!


People packed their bags. Left for their respective places in search of livelihood. Pardon the exaggeration. The residue is here, waiting...


Rona dhona over. Painful journey to the station to send off people every second day, over. Paying fine for no platform ticket, arguing with the personnel at the station, over. Roll no 16 expressing his emotions for the first time on platform 1, over. MT crying as Sri Sri kids leave, over. Over and out.


Searching for a job. Dropping resumes all over the city. Waiting for interview calls. everything seems like a movie. So surreal but THE reality. Unemployment sucks but giving interviews is so exciting.. I wish I could do that for life!! Running your fingers across classifieds, keyword-journalists wanted (really makes you feel so wanted, atleast by someone ;) )


Mumbai flooded, Sahib singh verma dead, Pratibha Patil for president, Infosys to take over capgemini, Little master on 15,000, Bachchan and Barabanki, Brown britain PM, Rice says NAM is crap...


Appa still smokes


No movies watched yet


A birthday came and went. I did not wish, deliberately. I still care I always will. No matter what I say. I still care.


No headphones yet. No calls. No mails. No messages.

Just some random crap.............



pRicky said...

crap happens...
any crap can be not fixed...
all is solve able...
if intentions are clear...

Anand Sarolkar said...

Cut the Crap?


CUT...COPY...PASTE...the Crap ;)

angelofdusk said...

back to bangalore
bumped into a friend
life's unchanged!
lots of jobs in the waiting
send ur resume to the friend you bumped into
you get the job incase
you'l know

Tsu said...

ha ha ha.. love what Angel of dusk said.. :) Random crap needs some random comments as well..
I love my job. mY boss yells and screams at the customers but they still love it. HAIL ALCOHOL.
Poems is what I can write, sentences have dried up. I am going to miss uni dorms when I come back..
enuf of me.. I am waiting to come and meet u!
hope u get a job by then u can treat me, unemployed with cv!!! ;-)

Neeraj Gangal said...

Reminds me of the Hutch-Orange ad, U n I, in the beautiful world!

Keep the faith, UNI will give you a great brand name and some experiences which you may cherish all your life!

And yes, with the subsidized halwa, it seems like 'aap ki toh paanchon ungliyaan ghee mein hain!'


Trust me on this. I was with ANI!

Prude said...

What goes around comes around...the good times are round the corner! :)

nothin.. within said...

it happens in life beta.. but i m sure u ll stop writing about the crap very soon ;)

DreamCatcher said...

good to c u least with some crap
its been a while..

anyways delhi?? was it so bad...really!!!

Cosmos said...

craps are craps but imtions make differece..
I can feel every word and sentence in myself..
Over and Out

Me Thinks.. said...

@pricky intentions have always been clear..

@anand ;)

@AOD grass is always greener on the other side..

@TSu hail alcohol is correct!

@neeraj ANI?? so cool.. I know u understand! ;)

@prude which corner exactly? ;)

@NW hopefully!

@Dreamcatcher not delhi, UNI made it worse actually.. Thanks ;)

@Cosmos I know. Over and Out.

Reema Banerjee said...

FU man...FU...I love u still. does it matter? crap?

Rashi said...

hmmm nice blog !

The Lad said...

Random? yes
Crap? no no!!

Jyoti said...

i never knew that even "CRAP" can be so beautiful written..if you call this crap..then please keep "crapping" ;) cheers!

nice post!

pooja said...

hey nice 1..............patrakar impressed!!!btw wat ws so bad about 'DELHI'.....vaise toh excellent!!!

Princess Banter said...

I do agree with you somewhat that going to school is one of those things we trudge through. When I received my degree, I didn't feel wiser or more mature... just a helluva lot poorer. And when I went out in the real world to look for a job, it was just a piece of paper that I presented to get me in the door... and after that, it was another set of jokes that life put on us ;) But don't despair... going to school is more fun than how it is here in real life ;) Enjoy it while you can!

mystupendoussalvation said...

I love u yeah sady missin those days like hell........ yeah i know crap has over now but tell me there r lik zillions of crap waiting for other craps he he!!!!! missin SSCMS like bloody hell wanna come bak thts old same crap ha ha.............. life is like that ;) u hv to deal with it delhi is not so bad ppl here r makin it worse yeah mid day he he!!! but still life is a crap n i still love it!! as i have an urge to live though i m not gettin paid for it he he!! keep posting

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