Saturday, October 27, 2007

143 Really?

I have conveniently, and for long, avoided writing about something so close to everyone's heart, literally. Its a question that refuses an answer to itself. I am not going to ask that profound question, cos I am sure, none of us can answer. In these 22 years of inconsequential existence, I have experienced being in the four letter word. Probably i would never say it.

I have fallen deeply, head over heels. I have fallen miserably too. Like everybody else. I could never understand how a person can like two people at once, or why are there certain norms to be followed in a relationship. What is the difference between being close friends and being in a relationship? Lust?

It all seemed fake after a point of time. It seemed mechanical, i mean, a relationship should be respected, the 'other' should be. No matter what. Why I say it seemed mechanical, simply because of the way a relationship is perceived

"you have a boy friend ? or are you single?" (no I think I am double)
" So u like him?''
"when are you planning to tell her?"
" are you going out with him?"
"what did she say? rejected or accepted?" (like its a job offer)
" so he dumped you? you guys broke up?"
"what you gonna do now, i think you should just move on, you deserve better."

Thank you very much. I know I should move on, but who answers my questions? Can you? you wont know how it was cos you are not me and I am not you. The stupidest thing to say, once somebody loses the other, is 'get over'. I can fake it too and say yeah man everything is cool, its over and then reconcile saying it was never meant to be. really?

How does someone become so important that you forget the world? everything previously associated with something else, just goes back to that one person. why? I don't know. really.

The feeling with which everything started, loses its way to a truckload of crap all brought upon by the self. Do I regret falling for someone? I don't. It felt right then, it feels right now. i feel love like i feel everything else. Its a FEELING.

I was losing it. I wasn't living up to expectations, those that I have from myself. I have lost myself in the process, it is an evolution in itself. thats when I realized it probably is not my cup of tea. I can be in love, but never say it. ever.

Being in love is different for different people. you can be in it, but not necessarily be in a relationship. I can be in love forever, but what am i committed to? to being in love or the person? What exactly is commitment?

The feeling of being in love is exciting to say the least, its up to me to let myself loose or say no way, its not for me. But the question is do i have the guts or whatever it takes to think of someone as a prospective 'other'? probably not, I would prefer watching the action from the sidelines. Really?

I would be lying if I say, I don't wanna be in love. Really. Maybe I am, right now, maybe not. Anyhow the point is I don't have whatever it takes to say it. I 'really' don't.

1 4 3 is just a number. And love is just another four letter word.

This post in all its totality is nonsensical and therefore can be ignored.

But do 143? Really? but who is you?

I shall keep it to myself. Really.


Tsu said...

if it makes a difference I 143 u!!! :0 oH that desnt make sense.. well Love doesnt does it ;-) till u fall in love till u fall out of it :) I will be there :)

Cosmos said...

You will get all your answers with the time.

Reema Banerjee said...

In conclusion, methinks, silence is your haven...and mine as well

pRicky said...

sometimes not the answers but the questions bring the security but then isnt that what they say about mysteries as well?
anyhow, Janne kyun log pyaar karte hai...
this wont help you get kunal kapoor BTW ;-)

Me Thinks.. said...

@tsu of course it makes a difference, at the end of the day its-u! 143 tooo!

@Cosmos time only heals, it doesnt answer

@reema me no talk, me only thinks..;)

@pricky jaane kyun jaane kyun jaane kyun? lets see, I might just get kunal kapoor!

Denae said...

i enjoyed reading your post because as readers, many of us can relate to what you are saying. thanks for sharing and as some have told me before the journey of life must be enjoyed. take the rays out of the cloud and use them.

Anand Sarolkar said...

I agree, you need to respect the other.

And I think being in love is a journey...a long journey of exploration! There is destination for this journey! There will be surprises in this journey, some pleasant, some not so pleasant.

All the best..for whatever you decide to do!

Me Thinks.. said...

@Denae Thanks! Yes, need to identify the rays though..;)

@Anand Thanks man. I decided to keep it to myself! Not do anything, I guess!

crumbs said...

I resolutely refused to say anything :D

Prude said...

Maybe we all need practice. Maybe we need to stand in front of the mirror and say '1 4 3' to the reflection a couple of times.
Good luck!

Cosmos said...

Kuchh jawab aise hote hain jo kabhi sunai nahi dete hain, Waqt ka marham apne andar bahut kuchh chupae hota hai, aur wo sare jawaab bhi jiski unhe zaroorat hoti hai.
Lekin kisi ko waqai agar jawaab chahiye to use zaroorat waqt ke un jawaabon ko apnaane ki..

Me Thinks.. said...

@Crumbs Which was expected..

@Prude yeah! when no one else says it, we need to say it to ourselves! ;)

@cosmos waqt has no answers, we need to find for ourselves..

Cosmos said...

I think the crush of my five lines, is also the same. Isn't it?

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