Sunday, February 27, 2011

I am Outdated

I don't like change. Yeah, I know it's the only thing constant and all that. I still don't like it. And I have changed this first line almost three times already! The contradiction that I am.

That's what happens when you become a visitor to your own blog (or you forget that you are a writer first and then an editor). This space was getting rusted like my template. I was getting outdated.

Speaking of changes, blogspot has a lot of cool new things, new for me atleast. But so much hasn't changed. Not on blogspot, in me. Take this post for example, it still isn't going anywhere!

I was thinking about nonsense yesterday and I figured that my resistance to change has made me someone stuck in the medieval era. My perspective about a world of things is still stuck in history. So are my likes and the undesirables.

Take cricket for example. (for timeliness sake, this). I used to be crazy about the game. A loyalist to the levels of fanaticism. But after Dravid and Ganguly exited and a new line cropped up, I lost interest. Appa watched India win the '83 World Cup. It's 2011 and he is still a follower.

I just cant watch the game anymore. The IPL ruined it for me. I still don't like the idea of players on auction, like talent on sale! Who the hell thinks like that?

So, I am not interested in the world cup. So much for fanaticism and loyalty.

Nonsense thought number 2 came to me when I was looking at the calendar and wondering how useless my writers at work are. They are all young and have absolutely no respect for deadlines. Or us. They do have a lot of time to log on to Facebook and change their profile pic.

And that really really gets me. I am sorry, but there is a difference between office and a cyber cafe. I fail to understand how you can chat merrily and watch deadlines fly past.

I know everyone is on Facebook, (my mother is the queen of online and if social media was a revolution, she would be it's Gandhi)

I know social media is a big deal, I know it's addictive. And I seriously believe that it should be banned at the workplace.

And I know I am not even on Facebook. Why? I like e-mail more. I mail to keep in touch.

See? Who the hell thinks like that?

I need treatment. Do you think?


The Wandering Minstrel said...

I do think :)

I don't think so would be my answer to your question.

I wish u were on FB, the Crapper and I would be a lot more entertained, seriously :)

Cosmos said...

It's really good to see you back. Do go away again. I think you have already started treatment with this post :)

Me Thinks.. said...

@Ree I don't like FB. I don't know why, maybe cos everyone's on it. ;)

@Cosmos Thank you!

mystupendoussalvation said...

No, I dont think you need a treatment for that. Who, the fucker told you this? Somehow, IPL has also pissed me off Cricket. So there, we share the same space. I will like to get in touch with all my friends, ex-collegues and lots more via FB. It might be because, so far, I have left 4 companies in my Career. All these companies, have given me some gems, that I would to cherish forever.

However, thats not the point is. The point is - U r back and I cannot tell you, how much happy and content, I am to see your post after 2 years. Come back Me Thinks. And thats for forever types.

And, rest. You havent changed at all. You are still the same.

nothin.. within said...

Ohh MY God i ws keep checking this blog address for ages hoping the blogger might come back and thank goodness she did. And well it starts here...if u haven't change like u said i bet u ll love coming back in social network...

Anu said...

hey!! glad to have you back. Though you say you havent changed your words are different. Maybe its been way too long (hint hint-dont stop blogging)
I love FB and I am on it 24x7 but I have never missed a deadline! it is not about social media it is about people and being responsible, accountable at your work place. FB isnt the perpetrator. If ppl dont wanna work they will find different ways to get to it! :)Get on FB!!!

angelofdusk said...

louve u... welcome back!! i got off cricket post ipl, the only matches i watched of the world cup were the semis n the finals. and FB i know what u mean!! and like Anu says it really depends on how accountable u r to ur work.

yippeeee mt is back n a champagne to that

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