Sunday, August 03, 2014

Would to Will

My fingers caress a lonesome flute,
would a soulful note they play?

Those pretty, bright, shiny dancing shoes,
on my dainty feet would they sway?

A mighty sword in my gentle hands
would it swish down to slay?

A drab canvas on a starry night,
would my strokes see the light of day?

When the carpet rolls and the curtains raise,
would I know what I need to say?

When I wish to write an ode to life,
would my muse give my words away?

Between a could and a should
and a vulnerable would
I will, I hope and pray.


angelofdusk said...

Beautiful!! Where have you been?!

Pavitra said...

:) Remembering the good old days when the words flowed. Will you come back to blogging?

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