Friday, November 25, 2016

When Reason Met HIM

HE said: It’s November 8,
We must no longer wait.
Time to throw a surprise.
Let’s demonetise.

A shocked Reason stepped in.
It said: 86 percent in the bin?
HE said: Don’t question my ‘advice!’
I am NaMo, and NaMo is wise.
Let’s demonetise.

Reason looked aghast.
It said: The economy won’t last.
HE said: Oh that’s bound to reprise.
Let’s demonetise.

Reason let out a cry.
It said: People will fry, ATMs will dry!
HE said: That’s a small price,
‘The greater good’ will realize.
 Let’s demonetise.

Reason tried again
It said: For the poor, too much pain.
Farmers, maids, daily wagers: What do they gain?
HE said: Oh can’t you see?
It’s not about the money!
For the greater good, they must rise.
Let’s demonetise.

Reason walked up to leave
It said: Black money will end, you believe?
HE said: It’s a gamble and I rolled the dice,
I am NaMo and NaMo is wise.
Let’s demonetise.

And since then, Reason’s lost.
In long queues, in a fake survey,
And a famished daily wager’s cost.
But NaMo and his followers apprise,
Don’t cry over Reason’s demise.
It’s a small inconvenience, not a vice.
Let’s demonetise.

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