Monday, September 10, 2007

Just a Ping Away...

Torn pages
from a diary.
Twisted dog ears,
Traces of memory...

A flash of thought,
Spills over like
a forgotten bookmark
from sandwiched shards of nothingness..

I wipe it out from
time to time
Enough of this mist
Enough of wordless mime.

It comes back,
like an old story
in a new cover
But the issue is closed...

Weird it is,
this juxtaposition,
Mind against the heart
In terrible opposition...

Between a dream,
and a bygone nightmare,
a severed thread lingers
completely in despair..

Open arms, I waited
for a long lost gesture
My own annihilation..

I search in vain
for a little more pain..
But what do I gain?

Just a phony call
that found its way
saying, 'I was just a ping away'..

Sorry, a network problem..
You are no more connected..
The issue is closed....
Exactly a ping away...


pricky said...

This really was quite a reaction...

pooja said...

though i dint get a word of what you have written except for ping=ring(wo bhi bcoz tune bataya!) is a nice one...complicated...sophisticated...tussi to great ho hi to is poem ka bhi koi out of the world matlab hoga!
chalo kar diya comment!!!
ab happy???chocolate khila!!!lol...vaise bhi bahut sari chocolates udhar hain teri...i hope u remember!!!!!!!
so once again i say...keep writing!!!

Reema Banerjee said...

just a ping away...just a mile away...some things are probabaly not meant to happen...often just a lifetime away
i know this too

Prude said...


Tsu said...

Not worth fighting if the excuses given are this callous!!! :)

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