Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cluttered Output

Its been quite a while since I blogged. My last post was a month back, technically, last year! I was wondering what to write. I didn't what to do the usual year-end post, cos the year that was, was very very eventful and I wouldn't be doing justice if i were to write about just all that. And this is the worst opening ever!

I was just watching 'we the people' on Ndtv. The discussion circled around the impact blogs are creating in the world and in India as a nation. It was interesting, but there was nothing new. It was not informative in any sense of the word. It kept coming back to sex, being gay, and all those things. One of the panelists actually said "well there are some 'good' blogs as well" did she mean sex is bad? Hypocrisy is THE word.

I digress. its been a weird beginning, 2008 seems not so different from 2007. Not yet. I know it just started and stuff, but still.. Damn I sound like such a boring person, maybe I am turning into one. But I am surely turning into an A grade Bitch. I am fighting weird emotions, I am fighting me, I am fighting people. Basically, just not all that great. Why am I saying all this here? Cos I felt guilty about not blogging, about not writing, about not keeping in touch with a very close friend, about getting too close to someone else, about giving in to unwanted thoughts, about just not thinking clearly, about neglecting a lot of things, about being pissed with myself and the world too often.

Not over yet. About expecting too much. I watched Taare Zameen Par. I wont say it was great. It said a lot, it was different, it was moving. But, it was also dragging and too much effort was put in to make it off-beat, and it showed. Aamir Khan is a perfectionist, yes. But he is too much of himself in the second half. Darshan was pretty good, a natural actor. But again, it was a good movie, not great. The subject was worth exploring, though I felt a lot could be done.

I still don't understand men. At all. They all seem the same, but each so distinctly similar! what the hell.. I am also guilty of letting them affect me too much. I will NEVER learn.

I still don't understand if editorial is more important or marketing. is it ok to compromise for the sake of design? Why does the boss always decide how to 'cover' up the 'issue'? Cos thats why he is the BOSS?

I still don't understand how relationships work. Is being single more boring than being committed? Is it ok to flirt around? And then get emotional about it....?

I still don't understand why I listen to the same song a million times and then detest it cos i have heard it a million times..Or am I just really really weird?

I still don't understand why people talk to me and why I talk to them, why cant everyone talk to everyone else?

I still don't understand why I post something as stupid as this...

Anyway, not that my opinion will change the world, not that it is important but somewhere it has to be voiced! ;)

My journo Prof. always told me "a cluttered mind leads to cluttered output!"

Therefore... Pardon Me.


Prude said...

:) Well the post definitely helped you de-clutter!

I agree a whole load could be done to improve the movie...but for what its worth it brought the one most important point to light...all they need is love and acceptance and the film did that.

I don't understand why anyone would write a year end post...sometimes a week end post becomes so difficult to write coz u've lived so many multiple emotions in those few days and learnt maybe too much or nothing at all...

I think both editorial and marketing are important...I dont think the editorial would survive to be the size it is today without the marketing...everything has an evil side...with marketing as the evil sister if it makes you feel better.

Everyone does talk to everyone else...what matters is who listens to what...

Sorry I think I cluttered your comments section. Cheers for the year ahead!

Tsu said...

Thnx Prudee.. cause I was thinking of the same about the year end post. One post just aint enuf..
Learning and following a strict discipline that will keep you happy is survival. Keep giving the keys to other people and they will misuse it! thats all I can say..
but other than that.. 2008 wait and watch.. it aint over until its over!!!

Deep Inside... said...

great as usual..oi wish you knew zee language..gotta ask you a lot..though i am not sure you will answer..!..neway(z)..keep writing..

Reema Banerjee said...

a week ago when i was feeling very ridiculous and pissed at the tiniest thing, even the ant crawling up my leg, i remember thinking such thoughts...when i once wrote it in class, my eng prof (huf-wuf-nuf) called it absurdist and i thot that she probably never thinks but this is just how ppl think. maybe she just wanted to throw a literature term at me, the miss know it all and i smiled a rather constrained smile, i remember...its ok man...maybe u just need to meet me and we need to go for a walk at 3 am in the night to destress...maybe u also need to listen to kya mujhe pyaar hai for a while.

Me Thinks.. said...

@Prude I loved what you said, it makes a lot of sense, its just that marketing sometimes take the editorial effort away, leading to a lot of frustration..

@Tsu yes, The key! hmmm

@deep inside ask me whatever you want to know, whats zee language?

@Reema yeah man! I crave for those 3 am walks!!! damn...

mystupendoussalvation said...

Shit!!! I have the same kinda conflict....Dont knoow wat to do next but will surely do something..
n for rest taare zameen par helped me alot..
as i was a child like him...
n my mom dad got some brains after watching tht movie.

Sameera Rao said...

Last nite i was so bothered with almost everything on this earth and from nowhere i landed in this interesting zone and i was occupied for the rest of the nite.
i could relate to the 143 really? so closely.:)

Lambuchops said...

Its sometimes good not to think about why things are the way they are.. I dont understand why I'm commenting on this blog..:)..

I do detest your opinion that all men are similar though. I'd hate to be compared to another man, especially in a relationship.

You attract what you want the most into your life - The Secret..

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