Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Its Only Words, And Words That I Dont Have

.... and ..... and some more ....!

I cant write. I am not able to string two words together, I am not able to make a sentence that's cool, that can make the reader go 'wow', that can make some sense, if nothing else. I am so disappointed in me. And therefore, I decided to let the world wide web know. Know that I CANT WRITE.

Not one idea, not a single idea. Was it the story or was it me? I thought and thought. Irrespective of the time of the day, irrespective of company, irrespective of the environment (yuck! environment?? See what I mean?) I only kept thinking, but no, goddess or god or whatever of creativity completely ditched me. I was sure I am gonna be thrown outta work. I wanted to go jump down the tenth floor! (even going to the loo, dint work!)

I actually gave up, well, not jumping, I really wasn't serious about that. I gave up on me. I gave up on the only thing I think I can do. WRITE.

And then I felt like shit. I cried. I know, its kinda whatever to cry. (did i just say whatever?) I pushed the story to my so-called immediate boss. And honestly, I dint wanna ever read it again. But I did, not once, but twice. What he made outta it was atleast readable.

I hate this sulky wordless post. But I had to get my writelessness out of my system. And the best way to do that was to WRITE!!

I dont believe creativity was on a holiday, somehow sounds more like an excuse. I dint try and thats that. Next time, no giving up, I guess. Cos trust me, it feels like, I dont know what it feels like. Actually I cant get the appropriate word... Damn! there I go again...

I want to suffer from verbal diarrhea.


Tsu said...

you know your problem
you know your solution
I think you are on a great start

Just chillax and make time for ureself to think... and then write! Time is all what we need for ourselves to get those words right!

Prude said...

Bloody hell you've been in pain!

It's the scariest nightmare...to wake up one morning and suddenly lose all inspiration/motivation/desire to write. And then you want to write but suddenly there's nothing within...its not like you can't express but suddenly there's an emptiness that you can't throw out! Phew...worst times ever!

But I guess its a combination of letting urself be...letting the phase to pass (hopefully it is a phase!) and gradually forcing the crappy hollow feeling out...making urself come back...feel alive!

Well...welcome back! :-)

And hey...you could always mail me. Your one of the best writer's in blogosphere...would love to know you better too! ;-)

Cosmos said...

To get verbal diarrhea you just have to write as much as you can, and you have already started it.
New fiscal is good time to make a grand come back in verbal economy.

Welcome back ;)

lawlegend said...

how to call a person that intend to break a relationship with out sense? i dont know how to Handle those persons. There are no one to be a perfect person, but everyone wants to others to be perfect. how it possible? if i am perfect, then i ll be the GOD. if i am a GOD, every one should keep up my ideology. As we know no one be a GOD.........we are humans.......why should we hate others for a simply reason that they are imperfect. Smoking is injurious to health until i smoke, drinking liquor is bad until i drink. this is called perfectionism. No one was born perfect and died perfect, every body doing something within our limits. So dont hate others for this simple reason.
love all, be loveable. be a human.
never give up

Geetha said...

Atlast you have written something!!
please continue my dear daughter!!
my best wishes :)

Me Thinks.. said...

@Tsu Time is the best healer! FOr anything and everything. I agree.

@Prude Will mail you soon! I love the way you write too..Mutual admiration, I guess ;)I do hope its a phase.

@Cosmos Just writing aint the solution, what I write should make sense, remember they taught us: Reader is GOD!

@Lawlegend I dont think you quite understood what I wrote or maybe your comment dint make any sense to me or the post.

@Geetha Glad people still visit my blog! Inspite of me being the most irregular of the lot...

Cosmos said...

I agree but they only taught us that we should leave the first three intros of a story, and use the fourth one. So to write fourth intro you have to write first three whether they make any sense or not.
After all it is going to serve GOD only.

appa said...

Writing is an inborn talent which cannot be erased . It is a long gap which results in starting trouble. Start writing often and you will on the track. All the best


nothin.. within said...

i just wanted to repeat amma atlast u hav written something
likhte rahiyo chahe crap hi sahi ;) it will d master peice
one day ;)

Sameera Rao said...

i am this die heart fan of wat ever u write...u rock...

Prude said...

Hey so where's the verbal diarhoea? There are fans waiting you know. Cmon now just sit down and type any random crap u wanna....we promise we'll read! ;-)

The Wandering Minstrel said...

Writers' block? :) join club. travel helps. meeting new people helps. running away helps. we like all of those, dont we? :)

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